My mother and wife

We were at my mothers house for Sunday lunch I was watching football, my wife and mother get on really well which I am pleased about, they seem to have bonded, my mother said to my wife come upstairs I've bought a new dress to show you so they disappeared, I was glad of the peace, usually I don't budge from watching the match till half time but I couldent wait any longer for a pee and went you stairs the odd thing was it was silent usually they never stop talking, but is was deadly silence I here a sound from the bedroom the door was slightly open I could see there reflections in the wardrobe mirror, what I saw I couldent believe, they were on the bed giving each other oral sex there heads between each others legs they were fully dressed except for there knickers that were on the floor, what got me most excited was seeing my mother with her legs open being licked out by my wife, I had seen my mum naked at times but never like this, I don't know why but I was jealous of my wife licking my mothers cunt, I crept into the bathroom as soon as I got my dick out I shot my load while thinking about what ide seen, I flushed the toilet and cleaned up, they came out of the bedroom looking a bit surprised, I went down stairs as if nothing had happened, why was I jealous of my wife

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  • I call BS on this one.

  • From the author this post is a total lie

  • From the author this post was not made up.

  • This is probably a bullshit post, but if it's real, they obviously wanted you to know about this.

  • Set a spy came up, you can buy miniatures'

  • Try a threesome fuck your mom and lick da wife .

  • This is total bullshit

  • Damm that’s hot!!!

  • Wouldn't you loved to have been a fly on the wall to hear what happened/was said that led to this?!?!

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