Would live to find someone willing to take the time to seduce my wife.
When we were younger i had a guy do it and i watched through window. She did not know
I was home and don’t know to this day.
It was easier then.
She’s 50 now don’t know if it can be done
Anyone interested?

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  • What state?

  • Ok around the same age what’s the flight going to cost me from the East?

  • My wife's young, cute and has a thing for older guys and I really love seeing her with a gray haired man. They drool all over her!

  • You will not find any trouble getting someone to do your wife. she probably is already fucking someone behind your back.

  • My wife is the same, she loves young men and would fuck as many as she could get her hands on. I didn't know this before we were married however she soon showed her true colors by having and affair with a co worker. I caught her in so many lies that it was easy to catch her. However she was soon back to her old ways so now its over.

  • It works with very young men for my wife, she can’t help herself. She’s 42 and when a young guy, early 20s, flirts with her she’s puffy in his hands and wants to have sex. I go and encourage it in public, asking young guys to sit with her or dance with her and tell them to make her feel sexy.

  • Yes what state are you in

  • In DC, a large house that has lots of guards all around it. My tummy is too fat and my cock can’t reach her pussy. But I take lots of trips for golf and other things

  • Ok Don, I'm sure you can just pay someone to pleasure your hot wife and then make them sign an NDA with the risk of losing their life.

  • Soon after my wife and I got married in our mids 20s I had a fantasy about our neighbour who was in his mid 30s seducing my wife when I wasn't home.

  • Maybe talk to her.

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