My dad

Never in my 25 years have I felt any type of sexy feelings towards my dad but lately I have the urge to let him see me naked. He’s coming to visit today what should I do?

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  • You should tell him how you feel. Then pull down your pants and show him your penis. You do have a penis now don't you? Yep I know you do. Show him then tell him you want to feel his cock in your asshole. See how that goes he might actually fuck you good and hard and cum in your ass. Worth a try anyway.

  • Answer the door naked and tell your dad you don't have anything to wear until the laundry gets done washing and drying. Ask him if he wants to throw his clothes into the wash too?

  • Good plan

  • Strip for him

  • I stripped for my daddy. I danced around the room. Rubbed my pussy and tits on him. He loved it and grabbed my ass. Mom didn't think it was very funny but she doesn't have a great sense of humor either. I still visit him in the home and dance for him naked.

  • I'm sure your dad won't mind you being naked at all. If you are comfortable then go for it.

  • Dad would beat his ass for being a fag. I would love to be there to see that. Laugh my fucking ass off.

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