Little sister

I always felt the desire to fuck my little sister Audrey, she's 3 years younger than me and has a son. But her kids dad is never around, they split up a long time ago. So I'm sure she could use some dick in her life, I been wanting to give it to her. Im 26 she's 23 and Im thinking about it all the time now. She has the most perfect tits, double D's, nice round ass, sexy body. I can't help but stare at her ass when she walks in front of me. One night, I grabbed her ass when we were drinking and she just let me do it, like she was down for it. But I haven't tried it since then because we were drunk, I'm not sure she remembers that part of our night together. I would totally be the best for her. I just wish I could fuck her right now as i type this thinking about her sexy ass.


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  • I wouldnt laugh about it, I would just get turned on by it and wanna fuck her. If it happens again, I think Id wanna bang a few times in the night.

  • If you want have sex with your sister you should. There's nothing wrong with it as long as its consensual.

  • Even if it's not who gives a fuck. if you want your sister's pussy go get it

  • It'll happen I know it. I'm pretty sure we hooked up before while really drunk. I just don't remember that night. I briefly remember her giving me head while I was in bed. But I don't know if it was real or a dream.

  • Like i said before if its consensual its ok. Use birth control.

  • I want my cock in her mouth holy fuck her ass and tit's are perfect. My little sister Audrey

  • Yes, my big brother, I need it badly. You know what I need.

  • You know where i live sis come over.

  • Grabbing your sister's ass when you are both drunk may or may not, have given your sister the right signals. Next time you are drunk together, you need to come up behind her, reach around and take a tit in each hand gently squeezing them. At the same time be planting soft kisses on the side of her neck. If she moans your in, if she slaps your face and calls you a pervert, your not.

  • You should taking her out for more drinks and stuff. You need to try and find out if she's interested or not.

  • My friend used to let me come over and fuck his sister while their parents were away. She never resisted and let me cum in her all the time. Sometimes she would see me in the hallway and ask me to sneak her out for a quickie

  • Get her drunk again. Pull the lap sitting trick. If you know she’s not wearing panties just get her on your lap and work your cock in to her. It always works for me

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