She got me into Belting her

Due to a contract I had to go live in a city far away from home. While I was there, I met a gorgeous woman who I had known many years back. She would do anything I asked her to do, no questions asked. I absolutely adore her for that. One day I asked her what was her most intimate desire. She said she wanted to be spanked. It shocked me a little because she was so beautiful, almost angelical like and very polite and well mannered. I asked her if I could prepare myself for it and she happily agreed and proceeded to suck my dick dry for days non stop to sort of motivate me. It was difficult for me. It goes against anything I was taught as a little boy. I went into porn to find what to do but all they have in those sites is nasty humiliation which I felt was not what she wanted. So I finally found some good advice and went for it. I told her I was ready and her beautiful face lit up. I asked her to prepare her place with candles and soft music and to wear a black dress and look really slutty. I went to a store and bought one of those cowboy belts that are really wide and tried it on my arm, Gauging the intensity. I graded the blows from 1 to 10. I called her and told her that night was the night and went to her place. She opened the door and she was absolutely fantastic. She was wearing a very short black dress and red high hills. Her lips and nails and toenails were bright read. The place was lit by dozens of candles and she was playing soft instrumental rock music in the back. She approached me with open arms and held herself tight against me. I could feel her heart pounding wild. I told her is she wanted to back out this was the last chance she had. She looked me in the eyes with those perfect eyes and told me this is what she wanted with all her heart. So I kissed her lips and she responded hungrily. I thought my dick was going to explode. I grabbed her by her waist and lifted her on top of a marble countertop. I grabbed an open bottle of wine from the counter and served her a whole glass almost to the top and "order" her to swallow it whole. She tried but she couldn´t. So I took it from her hands and drank some myself and left it next to her. I kissed her mouth violently. Grabbing her from the back of her neck and pulling her toward my face. I pulled her dress down o her waist and sucked hard on her nipples and she moaned loudly. I had to look and see if it was pleasure or pain. She was in ecstasy. I made her drink more wine and when she handed me the glass back I poured whine over her chest and drunk it. I had decided I was gonna fuck her dress up. Then I pushed her flat over the countertop and poured more wine into her pussy and licked her off. I grabbed the bottle and basically made us both drink it out of her pussy. She must have come 20 times. I freed her feet from the heavy shoes and licked her toes while I fingered her both hole until she came some more and then she totally lost it. She couldn´t stop cumming she said. The whole countertop was full of wine and I took her body and cleaned it all out with her skin. Her hair, her ass, I basically mopped the wine with her body. Then I lift her in my arms and took her to bed. I dropped her on her fours on the edge of the bed and told her to stick her ass out. At the same time I pull the cowboy belt out and whipped it in the air to make it crack. She looked out it and moaned...

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