Father in law felt me up

I haven’t told my husband. But on super bowl Sunday, while everyone was drunk and watching the game, his dad came in to the kitchen and felt me up. At first he just put his arms around my waist. I was wearing a loose top and he just put his hands up to my boobs. I froze. I didn’t know what to do. He touched them for a minute then let go and left the room. Should I tell my husband or just wrote it off as drunk behavior?

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  • You are only young once.
    Get him alone flirt have fun
    No dont tell.
    Make him you fwb no one will know

  • FIL should have taken you from behind right then and there.

  • You definitely have chemistry with him, I say enjoy it and don't tell anyone! My son's gf and I have fooled around a few times, too - it is such an incredible rush when you lock eyes across the room at a future event, both of you thinking of that first time your tits were in his mouth <3

  • No don’t tell your husband

  • It just drunk, sex play. You two must have a subliminal sex vibe going. My father in law and I did for years. Finally we acted on it 2 years after his wife passed.

    We make love when his son is on business trips. I get sexual satisfaction and don't go out and cheat and I give my Father in law pleasure.

  • Don't tell your husband. You must have enjoyed it since you let it continue for a minute without saying anything, or pushing his hand away. Maybe you could ask him to come over to help you with something when your husband isn't home?

  • Put it down to being drunk, but when someone is intoxicated it usually shows there true self, ignore it, unless it happens again then till your husband,

  • Here in Europe the european Cup final in soccer might be the same as the superbowl in USA. I experienced similar. The men of our family and some Friends were in front of the TV and I think they all had some beer to much. I was in the kitchen to prepare some food, when my dad and my dad in law came in. they did not say a word. One held me and the other undressed me and just one minute later I was on my four with my FIl's cock in my cunt and my own fathers in my mouth. My dad said, my husband had told them, that I can deepthroat without puking (what is true) and that the want to check, it it's real. The both came in my throat and went back to the game.

  • You must have enjoyed it since you don't mention anything about telling your husband what happened. You probably hope it will happen again sometime.

  • It's probably just drunk behavior. Don't tell your husband. Without a doubt your father in law wants to fuck you, so how do you feel about that?

  • I don’t mind that idea to be honest

  • Now I want to hold onto your tits while I fuck you doggy style!

  • Did you enjoy it?

  • Well, it did feel good, yeah

  • You should make moves then..

  • Once your nipples got hard I'd have spun you around and sucked on them for a minute.

  • I love getting my nipples sucked. I’ll let anyone do that!

  • Mmm, I'd suck on one nipple so hard as I squeezed your other breast, then switch.

  • Let it go if he tries again stop him and talk to him about it then make up your mind on what to do

  • Write it off, please, unless it happens again.

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