The cops caught us🚓

Me and my bf we're trying to fool around in the park one time, we were behind some tree on the grass, we had gotten undressed down to our underwear as we were french kissing, he removed my bra and started sucking on my tits like a newborn puppy. We rolled over and I got on top of him. I pulled down his boxers and took his cock in my hand which was throbbing hard. Just as I leaned my head down to take him in my mouth when a flashlight was shined on us. It was the fucking cops😓 two of them to be exact. They were partrlling in the car and I guess they somehow noticed us even though it was super dark. Luckily they didn't arrest us and just made us get dressed and send us on our way with a warning. My bf was pretty embarrassed but honestly I found the whole situation more funny then embrassing 😂

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  • I was 15, first real boyfriend and I were parked by the lake. I am topless ,my boyfriend has my panties off and my skirt pulled up to my waist fingering me while I'm sucking his dick. We hear some cars start blowing their horns but had no Idea what they were doing. Then the flashlight hits the window. The cops are on both sides of the car and can clearly see us. To make it even more embarrassing they make us get out of the car just as we were. The perves got a good look at us both then told us to get dresses and leave. thankfully they never fined us or called our parents. my mother would have killed me.

  • Most teenagers have at least one story about getting caught. For me it was when I was 18 and my girlfriend was 16. We got caught in the act and the officer was a real dickhead. He kept screaming at me that she was under age and I would be going to prison for statutory rape. He cuffed me and slammed me in the back of his car and then had my girlfriend drive my car and follow him to the cop shop. They threw me in a cell while treating my girlfriend like she was some victim asking her if she needed medical attention. The whole time she kept trying to tell them she was my girlfriend and it was consensual. They finally called my girlfriends mother who came to get us. The cop kept pressuring her to file charges against me, but obviously she wouldn't. Even she kept trying to tell the cop we had been dating for 2 years, but he wouldn't listen. Finally my girlfriends mother got pissed and demanded he release me so we could go home. He just looked at her, walked over to cell and opened the door. Then told me to get the hell out of his jailhouse. He was a fucking dickhead.

  • Lol, me and my girlfriend got caught too. We had gone to the movies just her and I because I got my license. Halfway through the movie we decided to leave and go park behind the theater. We were in the backseat naked and I was fingering her and sucking on her tits while she was stroking me. I was just about to grab a condom when I hear a knock on the window with a flashlight. I rolled down the window and this cop told us to put our clothes back on and step out. When we did, he looked at my driver's license and then told me to take my girlfriend home and then go home myself or he would call our parents.

  • Pity they didn't give you both a few heavy kicks up the arse

  • Oh, lets all rise for little miss Judge mint ! Go fuck yourself, your dishonor !

  • Your such a rude prick aren't you

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