I want this so bad

I’m dying to have a hot girl with a tight little ass rip a huge fart right in my face. I’ve been on pornhub watching farting videos and they always give me a raging hard on. I think the smell, the sound and that it’s taboo all contribute to my cock standing up and wanting to experience this fart scenario. I would lick her asshole as she unloaded a hot vapor onto my tongue, and sniff it up . I really think the smell is what really gives me a boner b/c when I jerkoff I rub my own asshole and smell my fingers and as soon as I do, the pre cum starts drooling out of my cock head. I have always loved sniffing dirty panties when I beat off, especially if they have skid marks.

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  • My wife does the most God awful wet sloppy farts. It's cause she has had some huge cocks in her ass before we met. It's pretty wild watching her asshole pucker up when she farts.

  • Please come to my house. My wife takes pleasure in farting on me all the time. I don't like it. She has even done it while I'm attempting to eat a sandwich. Not fun at all. It's nasty. She does it to me when she is naked. I have felt something wet hit my face when she farted while bent over and nude. Yuck!

  • Love the smell of a sexy woman’s asshole

  • Me too buddy row. I love that. I lick a woman's asshole and stick my tongue inside. I prefer my woman to not wipe herself after a good shit. I lick that sexy hole nice and clean. They call me MR. Clean.

  • I am with you on not wiping after a shit. I will be her tissue. There is a shortage . Love the smell and taste

  • Most crackwhores will fart in your face and shit in your mouth, if you want.

  • I would love that

  • Just remember, farts don't have lumps !

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