I want this so bad

I’m dying to have a hot girl with a tight little ass rip a huge fart right in my face. I’ve been on pornhub watching farting videos and they always give me a raging hard on. I think the smell, the sound and that it’s taboo all contribute to my cock standing up and wanting to experience this fart scenario. I would lick her asshole as she unloaded a hot vapor onto my tongue, and sniff it up . I really think the smell is what really gives me a boner b/c when I jerkoff I rub my own asshole and smell my fingers and as soon as I do, the pre cum starts drooling out of my cock head. I have always loved sniffing dirty panties when I beat off, especially if they have skid marks.

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  • Love the smell of a sexy woman’s asshole

  • Most crackwhores will fart in your face and shit in your mouth, if you want.

  • Just remember, farts don't have lumps !

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