Wife fantasy fullfilled

Wife has been shy about sharing details of her fantasy about being blindfolded during sex. I got her a few drinks 3 nights ago and that got her very relaxed and hot. We started fooling around and i blindfolded her with her own dress and tied her hands with a tie. I kissed her all over and began to play with her pussy and again asked her what she wants she says at first you. But as i kept insisting she finally said use me and make me feel naughty. I began to finger her and she said use me any way u want make me crazy with pleasure. I asked what she really wants and said fill me with cock. I began to pound her pussy with my cock and she moaned loud so i put my hand on her mouth and she tried to suck my fingers. That made me realize what she really wanted. I quickly got up and pulled out a dildo And then began to rub it on her pussy. She asked what r u doing i said using you. She opened her legs even more. I then told her you are so sexy and going to fill u up. She said in a lustfull way. Yes fill me that's what i want. as i put my cock inside of her i opened her mouth with one finger and she moaned i said open wide and as she did i put the wet dildo in her mouth. She only put the head of the dildo and seamed unsure or surprised. I said you are now filled and used as my sexy naughty lover. Her pussy got tighter and she kept moaning while sucking the dildo now with putpose I felt her pussy twich and she tensed i began to cum and as i was finishing my orgasm she came hard and let the dildo go. She smiled and said that is what she has been wanting to be used by me and we been doing this a few times since and it is still as intense and i must confess filling her up and taking control of her that way was what i been wanting to do her for years


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  • Some time back my graduate level best friend alongwith his wife came to our town on business trip and stayed at our house. Once we too have discussed off swapping wife and sex together and had laughed over phone. On that day at my home, while we went out to have a walk in park, the swap sex popped up. I told my wife would not agree. He told his wife was ready for group sex and she may help my wife to agree for the act tonight. Thinking of fucking my buddy's big gorgeous wife, I told him our bedroom door shall not be locked from inside and while we will be in the act of sex you both may storm in nude and see how things work out. In bedroom getting my wife full naked telling her my friend who has a big cock may be fucking his wife now and started nibbling her ears which gives her the arousal. Her legs wide open were locked on my back and hands wrapped around my shoulder. Just then they barged in. Startled my wife struggled to hide her pussy with her palm and boobs with other hand. She said Hey what you people are up to while she was googling his massive erection and big cock. I said don't worry just they will give us a company only. My friend's wife got to the bed and took my wife;s head as if consoling,. My friend sat on the side my wife and lay beside her. I signaled my friend to start and he slowly put his fingers down her pussy and started stimulating her clitoris and I too followed suit with his wife. I knew my wife too submissive and some assurance from my side we enjoyed the full night. In the morning while they were leaving she gave my friend full liplock kiss while he just fondled her boobs and other hand cupping her pussy. After they left we went to the bedroom and had another sex and I felt a different wife too horny and sexy. She thanked me for such a wonderful experience. Once in a while such change is good.

  • Sounds awesome. Have to get a second cock to fill her mouth

  • My wife has the smallest pussy. It was a little bigger after child birth but she's back to our first dates size. She's like a size too small glove. Anyway mostly as a gag i bought her this huge dildo. She loves giving it blowjobs as I do her doggy style -- simulated spit roast. She'll do anything behind closed doors. So we're 69 ings and she's wetter than an Otter's Pocket. I'm up to no good, I see if I can slips some of the big fat dildo in -- just little struggle getting the first 2 inches in but the WHOLE slides right in. I'm like where did it go? Afterwords she said was fun. How did it fit? She her pussy is like memory foam. Her old boyfriend she says was actually a little bigger. This thing in cubic areas is 3x me. And she says it like it's no big deal that I'm much smaller. I should never bought that fucking thing.

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