Encounter with my friend

My old friend Ann and my wife became friends. Ann and I had had sex a several times, she was no slut or an easy to fuck woman but we had lots of sex during our younger years. My wife was aware Ann and I were lovers in the past and told me she'd leave me if I ever had sex with her again. I know Ann didn't want me, but I was wrong. Ann asked me for sex. I told her I couldn't because my wife would leave me if she found out. So would my husband she said, you don't think I'd ever tell or say anything do you? I said girls talk, your her friend too. I know she said but he's a lousy lover I need a good cum and I want you to do it for me, I would never tell anyone ok. I said ok, I'd love to be with you again. I dreamed about her sex often over the years, we lost our virginity together and enjoyed a school year of sex together when we were in our senior year of high school. She went on to college and found her husband there and we never had sex after that. We made a date for a Saturday morning where we could meet un noticed at a hotel cafe. I was waiting for her in the cafe , I had a room paid for before she came. We had a cup of coffee and went to the room. I was very nervous, taking a big chance on my marriage, but so was she. She was sexually insatiable, I never had my ass licked but she was into it, I let her do anything. I was eating her pussy and decided to eat her ass as well since she gave me that pleasure I never had before. She layed there moaning loving the oral pleasing I was giving to her. I was fucking her missionary style then asked her to roll over so I could fuck her doggy. I started pounding her pussy, then I started to gently put it in her ass, she wasn't stopping me like my wife does. I slowly got it in her ass and was very gentile. My dick isn't long or fat, it fit her ass nicely and as I fucked her ass for several minutes felt her body starting to shake, I knew I had her cumming. I kept going, I came in her ass and my cum shot out of it as fast as it went in. When we finished she said that was great, you took my ass cherry too, I liked that. She started to get dressed, I said one more thing wait take your underware off. She took them right off for me. I took her by the hand to the bathtub and told her to piss on my face. She pissed on my face, it ran down my my body warm and all over my dick. As she was finishing her pee I licked her pussy until she was drained. We rinsed off, got dressed and went home. Later that night my wife, Ann and her husband went out to dinner. Ann was all smiles and so was I. When we got home I fucked my wife, I was still horny from Ann. Ann and I had a talk, we will do it again when we can, but she wants to keep it infrequent, not a bad idea, I love my wife but she can't compete with Ann sexually.

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  • Keep it going as long as you both can. I'm doing the same thing it's my neighbor also named Ann. My wife and Ann walk together everyday for 90 minutes for Exercize. I love fucking Ann in her garage hole my wife is in our house watching her soap operas. Ann is 10 years my junior at 47, and her hubby who has no ideal this is going on after he leaves for work each day. We are also good friends, but his ire and I are better lovers. She says I'm getting her pussy more than her hubby ever had. Love cheating with this younger pussy.

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