Mom's friend

TLDR: my mom had friends over a lot. I got close with one and fucked her during a party.

I was 17 when my parents took me to Mexico to visit family. We live in a village 6 hours away from the city. So everybody kind of knew each other. My dad would be all day in the farm so he's out of this story. My mom though always had friends and my aunts over. They are all in their 30s but I knew who was family. I watching TV in the living room when they came over. One of her younger friends Lupe began talking to be because we were next to each other. I thought she was married so I didn't say anything but she had a really nice curvy body. I noticed that she was talking to me more than the others. Idk if its because I was born here or if they have a food shortage there but I tower over all the other guys in the village. I'm 6 feet which is just tall here but over in my village the average man is like 5'5. So shed compliment me on my height everytime she stood next to me. I got turned on by her compliments I wanted to see if she did like me. So I took advantage when she was sitting in the kitchen and waited for her to be alone. I told her i can to reach something in the cabinet above her and basically had my dick in front of her hard. She didn't back up letting it brush against her shoulders. She looked up and just smiled and continued drinking her coffee. Next time I saw her we were at a party for a holiday, the whole village gathered in the plaza. She was in the group with my mom and I was behind them against the wall on my phone. I couldn't really speak Spanish fluently so I stopped talking to my cousin at that point. When a dance started everybody took a seat around like a stadium watching the ceremonies and the lights dimmed down. It was night so the only fully visible area was where the spotlights were on. Lupe scooted over in front of me as our area got more crowded. I got turned on again because she was wearing a tight dress i had hard on. There was space but people were shoving getting somewhere comfortable she was slowly being pushed away from me. I was too horny to let her go so i grabbed her waist and pulled her to me. I told her i thought she was being pushed so i wanted to help her and she smiled saying thank you. So i kept holding her on me until everyone settled down. But i didnt even notice when the dances already started and i was still holding on to her. Nobody noticed because it was dark and she hasnt said anything. I couldnt see my mom do i just continued holding her waist. I got more horny tho by just the fact she wasn't saying anything. So i pulled her even closer pressing my boner against her. She still didn't say anything. I started grabbing her ass and rubbing her thighs while slowly humping her. After like 5 minutes she reached behind and grabbed my dick through my jeans. I slowly pulled her dress up to slide my hands up and she tried shoving her hands inside my pants. Still facing away. I helped her by unbuckling my belt and top button and she reached for my dick squeezing trying to stroke it. We did this for about 10 minutes before i bend down to whisper to her that my parents are too distracted and i have the keys to our house. So we fixed back up and met her outside the plaza. She had covered her face and we walked to my house. We got to my house and we quickly undress. She was just like I imagined her having a nice curvy body and a big ass. We fucked for 3 hours that night until the party ended around 1am. She asked me to promise not to say anything and left. For the rest of my visit there shed come over when my parents were busy and we'd do it in my room. I miss Lupe I hope she's still dtf the next time I visit

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