Daughter thoughts...

How many guys on here think or picture your daughter or step-daughter when you cum in your partner?

I have a very cute 20 year old step-daughter, often fantasize about her and very often shoot my load in her Mum wishing it was her!

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  • I've pictured all 3 of my daughter while I fuck their mother. I also regularly fuck the 3 of them.

    My wife is my half sister (same mother), so incest to us is normal. Wife knows about me and daughters, as she has been regularly with them also.

    Young girl is 26 and oldest 30. We started with all of then 10 years ago.

    Fantastic sex, especially when all 5 of us are in bed together having a daisy chain. Those girls love pussy.

  • I don't need to think about my step-daughter when I'm fucking her mother, because I'm fucking both of them, have been for over 20 years. Though mother and daughter both love cock, I have to be honest, the daughter is a better fuck.

  • I have a 14 year old daughter with fantastic tits and amazing body. I definitely picture our daughter when i'm fucking my wife.

  • If only you could have a go for real eh?! ;-)

  • Exactly! Totally hot! I know if I had the opportunity I definitely would!

  • I do it all the time thinking of my step-daughter. I have access to her icloud and the material is amazing. She is her mom, but younger and tighter. But when I'm fucking my wife it's so easy to imagine it's my SD. I can't cum if I'm not remembering one of her topless or nude photos. But when I do I cum really hard and my wife loves it.

  • Lucky guy! I wish I could see images like that of mine! I bet you've enjoyed those pics a few times lol

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