Elderly fun

This is a story or a confession, you guess which, about the time I once worked at an elderly home. I was nineteen then and seen I guess, as a very pretty girl.
I'd been working at the lodge for about nine months when the daughter of one of the residents, asked me if I'd have a quiet word with her.
She got straight to the point telling me her father really liked me, and would love before he lost all of his memory, to have one last blow job.
The money she offered was nearly as much as my monthly pay check. I was having money problems at the time, trying to pay for my education and support my mom at the same time. Telling her I'd think about it, I later bumped into Mr G about to go into his room.
He immediately asked me to come inside with him, but I told him I had work to do. Knowing I was there for the night, he said "Call in later, you won't regret it".
I couldn't get the thoughts out of my head all that evening, so texting his daughter the number she'd given me, I asked her if the offer was still on.
The message back was "Yeah sure, let me know and I'll call in with the present".
Knocking on Mr G's door close to ten at night, he opened it completely naked and sporting the biggest flaccid cock I'd ever seen. Ushering me inside, he told me he loved to have his wife suck him off, but those days were long past.
Asking me if I was there to give him head, I told him to sit on is bed. That's when Mr G took over.
Pressing me down, he put his hands on either side of my head and I just complied with his wishes. Opening my mouth as wide as it would go, it still had to stretch some more to accommodate his enormous penis. And boy did that penis grow.
In later fun with Mr G, I measured his flaccid cock at seven inches. Erect after lavishing a long slow blow job with him that particular afternoon, I measured his erection at just over ten inches and it was ever so thick.
With my saliva covering his pulsating cock, he asked me if he could taste my 'quim'. a word I hadn't heard up until that point. I guessed he meant my pussy and by then I would have let him fuck me, I said yes.
On his bed keeping as quiet as we could, I removed my panties, hitched up my skirt and got into a sixty nine with him.
No man before or since has ever licked and tongued my pussy like he did. He devoured my pussy, sending me to one orgasm after another. And in doing so I gave him back the best blow job I could manage given the sheer girth of his penis.
Telling me he was close, I had a very dirty thought. Asking to lay back, I put my thighs either side of his legs and mounted Mr G's massive cock. I was impaled on his cock, and it felt like a baseball bat had been slid up my vagina.
Every sexual sensation flooded through me as he began to fuck upwards and I sank down. It took a little time for my pussy to fully accept his cock, but once it did, I rode that beautiful older man for all I was worth.
Reaching up, he slid his hands under my blouse top and lifted off my bra from my small breasts. Squeezing them as we fucked, I had another orgasm and felt his cock pulsate like crazy inside of me. Seconds later he groaned out loud and thrust upwards sending his cock and cum deep inside of my pussy.
I slouched forwards with my orgasm still taring through me and Mr G humped away until every drop of his semen was swimming in my body.
Lifting off of him, he told me it had been four years since his wife passed away, that he'd last had any form of sex. And that had been her giving him a hand job.
His daughter as agreed was there just before I finished my shift in the morning. She spoke with her father and then came to speak to me. Offering me a lift home.
The conversation was a bit awkward, but she passed me the money and asked me if I'd like to make it a regular thing. Only the amount would be less.
Over the next eight months as often as we could with other personnel around, I visited Mr G's bedroom.
The sex was just the best you could ever imagine and we were soon having longer and longer sex sessions. He was a wonderful considerate lover and someone I will never forget. A man who knew how to pleasure a woman, but also very conservative about his obvious attributes. Not like today's men.
I look back with very fond memories of my time having passionate awesome sex with Mr G, and I also look back to all the things he taught me in and out of the bedroom.
I'm married now with children of my own. My husband is good man, someone who lives for his family. He's a fine lover too, but not in the category, if you have to label people, as my wonderful, amazing and kind Mr G.

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