Would you rather?

Is there anybody out there? Who would rather have a secretive sexual relationship with there ( it's about time teen daughter/step daughter) or your widowed haven't had any for a while mother in law? There tight and ready to Fuck like they have never had been fucked ever!!!

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  • Widowed coochie cob webs mother in law

  • Definitely daughter!!

  • Shut the fuck up lady balls!

  • Shut the fuck up lady balls and leave people alone who like incest

  • I told you I like that you are calling me lady balls! It shows your IQ and it is very low! It just shows that you are a stupid kid that is still wet behind your ears.

    Whats the matter poor baby can't come up with your own saying for me lady balls.
    Now shut the fuck up lady balls you fucking kid.

  • Shut the fuck up lady balls, you know nothing

  • Ok sissy fag

  • Sissy fag?? What a wanker lol

  • You wear panties and suck cock that makes you a sissy fag!

  • I don't but again keep telling us your fantasies lol

  • Neither I would go with no sex before I would do any of that.

  • Worst incest post yet! WTF Learn how to write and grow up kid!

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