Nothing turns me on more

Than to watch the wife getting fucked by a well endowed stranger. I love seeing her being pleased by another man. I get so excited that I stroke my fat little dock while watching her sucking on a sexy huge cock. That or watching her ride another man's fuck stick till he fills her pussy full of his warm tasty seed. My wife I'm lucky in that she has indulged me with this. The first time I saw my sexy hot young wife getting fucked by a huge black cock I almost shot my load to the ceiling just hearing her enjoying that monster black dick. I only wished that he would have knocked her up with his baby. We also had fun when she was pregnant and we had poker nights at our house. My wife serviced all my friends with her sucking and fucking then. You couldn't hurt her the pussy was already knocked up. I do think that it maybe possible that my wife had her ex lovers child. She said no but I think it's possible. She told me to have a DNA test done on our children but I think she knew I wouldn't take her up on that. But hey it just makes my fat little 3.5 inch cock super hard and gets me so turned on thinking one or more of our children I didn't conceive. How about you losers? Anyone feel the same way?


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  • In the 70's, we're in our mid 20's babe wife Mary Beth and I. We're staying 3 days at her Mom's house, 4th July weekend. There is a big family picnic and my oversexed Beth is horny. We can't do in the house people are all over. So we go for a ride down a game land dirt road. It's not hunting season so we have the million acres to ourselves. Get a blanket out and we're having sex on the grass. Midway some rowdy college age kids drive by and harass us -- call her a whore. She yells back "not a whore, he's my husband." They drive off and we finish. They come back, Beth is naked sunning herself. "hey Buddy, can we fuck your wife?"
    She goes "dumb fuck, you ask me -- not him." "Sorry lady, sorry we called you a whore" and they get real polite -- but they want sex -- trying to charm her. She walks to their car,still naked, and they chat. I'm like WTF Beth. "They're sorry, I respect that." "I not going to fuck you guys but thanks for asking me nicely."
    "Bobby is a virgin, we'll maybe just him." A light goes off -- I'm like uh oh.
    "For the sake of giving Bobby a pleasant lifetime memory I'll do it with him -- only him." I set up ground rules. Nobody watches, go for a ride while Bobby gets it, come back in an hour. They ALL drive off -- with Bobby- and never come back. Beth says she had a virgin just before he was going to Vietnam and had the time of her life taking his cherry. I guess I sort of signed off on her adventure. I think the driver was jealous, don't think he ever got laid also. I bet Bobby remembers how he almost got laid July 4, 1976. I'm sure they all jacked off to her 1,000x. Other than that one hour where she almost laid, she's been a saint since. Don't judge couples that the wife does it with other men, hub watches. It was so exciting I wanted to peek in on her getting it. Never thought that to be till it happened.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah! What is it with all you husband's who get off on thinking of your wives doing other men. I bet you would cry if you actually saw another man sticking his ding dong in your wife. Yes you would probably start crying like a baby. Then again maybe your wife should do just that. If I was your wife I would find a sexy young man with a big fat long cock and then make you watch us going at it. But I seriously doubt you would respond the way you say you would.

  • I think twelve year olds need to quit coming onto this site, little "dock" cock !!

  • Must have been so excited jerking off he misspelled dick.

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