Nothing turns me on more

Than to watch the wife getting fucked by a well endowed stranger. I love seeing her being pleased by another man. I get so excited that I stroke my fat little dock while watching her sucking on a sexy huge cock. That or watching her ride another man's fuck stick till he fills her pussy full of his warm tasty seed. My wife I'm lucky in that she has indulged me with this. The first time I saw my sexy hot young wife getting fucked by a huge black cock I almost shot my load to the ceiling just hearing her enjoying that monster black dick. I only wished that he would have knocked her up with his baby. We also had fun when she was pregnant and we had poker nights at our house. My wife serviced all my friends with her sucking and fucking then. You couldn't hurt her the pussy was already knocked up. I do think that it maybe possible that my wife had her ex lovers child. She said no but I think it's possible. She told me to have a DNA test done on our children but I think she knew I wouldn't take her up on that. But hey it just makes my fat little 3.5 inch cock super hard and gets me so turned on thinking one or more of our children I didn't conceive. How about you losers? Anyone feel the same way?


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  • 40 years ago I think I encountered the first cuck ever. Met an office equipment salesmen we used at a nightclub. He was with his hot young wife Anne, married 2 weeks. She just turned 21. She asked me to dance, said he doesn't. OK.
    Slow dance comes and she's all over me. She's grinding my my dick like a whore, kissing me all over. WTF he can see this. OK, enough dancing. "you got to see my camper van in the parking lot." Ok, out we go and the van is neat. Anne gives out beers and soon is naked and all over me. "Go ahead have your way, she likes you -- she'll really be hot for me later." So I fuck her, him drooling.
    Next day ~setup, he's whoring his wife for business, better not tell anyone at work~ I'm thinking. She was hot, we spit roast her couple times but mostly me fucking her. I get on the side at my place. She says he wouldn't mind that either. I get to know her and she said never in her wildest dreams does she have sex like this, but he encourages. and she got used fucking guys the same way guys fuck girls. And she can't go back,.

  • On the other end of the spectrum, Im a guy who is very well endowed. Ive never slept with another guys wife but the thought has crossed my mind a few times. Tbh Ive read about guys being into this online a few times but i dont understand the mentality. I can get why some girls would want to have sex with someone as large as me vs average size but I cant get why a guy would also be into that.

  • It's about you desiring my wife and my wife longing for what you can do for her. When I see my wife in the arms of another man my heart rate increases and I get a wide range of emotions. From excitement to feeling not so sure I can handle what's about to happen. When I see her wrap her lips around a large cock belonging to a stranger it makes me super aroused. Looking into her eyes while he is inside her and seeing how completely satisfied she is , is without compare. I know he is doing things for her that I can't. He touches places in her that I will never be able to. She prefers a real live warm man to any toy. She is a wonderful wife and still fucks me even though I don't really do it for her. Hell she made me think I was giving her an orgasm . I asked her about it and she confessed that I had never given her one. That gave me an idea to see if maybe she would enjoy another larger man. I was surprised to find out she already knew what a bigger cock felt like. Yes many men even men who are well endowed enjoy sharing their wife with others. It's truly a great experience . You should give it a try. Make a couples day. Let a wife enjoy your large cock. I'm happy that I have a small below average penis. I'm the perfect husband that loves to see his wife enjoying herself. I told her it's because of my short comings that she appreciates men who are well endowed. She agreed with me and told me how much she loves me and my tiny little penis. Give it a try.

  • In our mid 20's 4 college guys caught my hot wife and I having sex in our car. They calling her a slut and she was doing a slutty show for them. They wanted to gang bang her, she said are there any virgins in the group. They all pointed to Billy. She said I'll do it with him. I'm like STF up Beth. 'I have to do it with 1, you fend off the other 3.' They 'go Billy, your lucky day.' Billy goes I don't want sloppy seconds' , and they drive off making fun of Billy.

  • Sex with my first wife was good during our first 5 years but it got even better after I arranged for her to fuck three guys at once, and I was one of them. Soon after we started attending orgies, swapping parties, and fucking a few of our friends. It was great! But she left me for a guy she fucked a few times at parties and now she's in a love-less marriage (her admission) but his money keeps her warm at night. I ended up with an awesome woman who loves cock and lets me fuck her ass even though it hurts her because she says as long as she makes me happy she knows I'll make her happy.

  • My husband wanted me to give this a try. He bugged me and pestered the shit out of me until I gave him what he wanted. I ended up really enjoying it. He made me fuck a guy he works with. Well he didn't count on me enjoying it so much. Needless to say then he went like insanely jealous and got really angry at me. He would fly into these violent rages asking me if I loved his buddy's cock more than his. I really couldn't take his crazy shit anymore and we got divorced. I should have told him no and made it clear if he asked me again I would divorce him. It was the end result anyway. I am currently single and seeing a nice man. I told him what happened. He told me that he would never ask me to do such a thing. That's good with me cause I wouldn't even entertain such an idea. I told my boyfriend if he ever ask me that's it we are done. It really is a bad idea. I would tell any man if he is having these thoughts and he cares about his wife at all go seek professional help.

  • I agree I would never let another man fuck my wife. I’m very jealous and it would drive me crazy. I would only do it with someone I didn’t love. However, I do like to talk dirty to my wife about ducking other guys. I'll say like do u want to cocks on u. Or ill say tell me how you got fucked today and she'll make up a story. That turns me on but to actually have her do it is out. I'm I crazy!

  • So it would drive you crazy to know your wife was with me and that she enjoyed my huge fat dick in all her holes. I loved doing her I really did.

  • All men have the same fantasy. They either want to watch the wife getting fucked by a well endowed stranger or a huge BBC. I know cause I have the same fantasy. I would love to watch my wife getting fucked by a dozen well endowed black men. Covering her with their milky yummy semen. Hell I would it if she got pregnant by one. That is the ultimate fucking fantasy for a white husband. Shit now my cock is so fucking hard. It's not small. My cock is 7.75 inches long and 6.5 inches in girth. I still would love to see my wife getting a 10-13 inch black snake and filling her snatch full of black jism. Hell yeah!

  • Have the DNA test done. Then call a lawyer. Your wife is a dirty low down ho. Jesus man have some self respect for yourself. Crazy fucker.

  • I agree how can you have a black mother fucker fuck your wife.

  • In the 70's, we're in our mid 20's babe wife Mary Beth and I. We're staying 3 days at her Mom's house, 4th July weekend. There is a big family picnic and my oversexed Beth is horny. We can't do in the house people are all over. So we go for a ride down a game land dirt road. It's not hunting season so we have the million acres to ourselves. Get a blanket out and we're having sex on the grass. Midway some rowdy college age kids drive by and harass us -- call her a whore. She yells back "not a whore, he's my husband." They drive off and we finish. They come back, Beth is naked sunning herself. "hey Buddy, can we fuck your wife?"
    She goes "dumb fuck, you ask me -- not him." "Sorry lady, sorry we called you a whore" and they get real polite -- but they want sex -- trying to charm her. She walks to their car,still naked, and they chat. I'm like WTF Beth. "They're sorry, I respect that." "I not going to fuck you guys but thanks for asking me nicely."
    "Bobby is a virgin, we'll maybe just him." A light goes off -- I'm like uh oh.
    "For the sake of giving Bobby a pleasant lifetime memory I'll do it with him -- only him." I set up ground rules. Nobody watches, go for a ride while Bobby gets it, come back in an hour. They ALL drive off -- with Bobby- and never come back. Beth says she had a virgin just before he was going to Vietnam and had the time of her life taking his cherry. I guess I sort of signed off on her adventure. I think the driver was jealous, don't think he ever got laid also. I bet Bobby remembers how he almost got laid July 4, 1976. I'm sure they all jacked off to her 1,000x. Other than that one hour where she almost laid, she's been a saint since. Don't judge couples that the wife does it with other men, hub watches. It was so exciting I wanted to peek in on her getting it. Never thought that to be till it happened.

  • Nice fuck your Mary beth in her arse.

  • Yes fuck mary beth in the arse hole.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah! What is it with all you husband's who get off on thinking of your wives doing other men. I bet you would cry if you actually saw another man sticking his ding dong in your wife. Yes you would probably start crying like a baby. Then again maybe your wife should do just that. If I was your wife I would find a sexy young man with a big fat long cock and then make you watch us going at it. But I seriously doubt you would respond the way you say you would.

  • I agree that's crazy. Maybe he wants to join in and suck cock.

  • I think twelve year olds need to quit coming onto this site, little "dock" cock !!

  • Must have been so excited jerking off he misspelled dick.

  • I got your dock you fuckwer you. Kiss my big huge arsehole

  • I focking jot yur dun un clukin mudda meir fuksenetein.

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