My fantasy is taking over my life

I am 26 years old single white female, shoulder length red hair, 5'4" tall, 186#, 38 DD breasts. I do have a bit muffin top around my mid section, and a bit if a bubble butt. However since I was 14 years old, and over heard some of the older girls in school talk about being gangbanged. I have been obsessed with a fantasy about being abducted in the park at night, tied to to a picnic table, and then gangbanged by 8 to 10 different guys repeatedly, until they were all spent and couldn't perform anymore. Then they just leave me there tied to the picnic table naked with a river of cum running out of my pussy, as the sun is coming up.
Don't get me wrong, I can get fucked when ever I want just by going to one of the local clubs or one of the hole in the wall bars around my neighborhood. But that is usally by just one guy. Couple of time there were two guy, but thats nit enough. My fantasy has gotten so bad I can't even focus at work anymore, having trouble sleeping, can't eat. I have even went so far as to go out at night to a park in a not so good neighborhood, strip down to my bra and panties and walked around for hours. Nothing happened, couldn't even get one of the drunks or crack heads to even try anything with me. So now I've now resorted to placing ads in the local sex club magazine, hopefully I will start getting some responses soon. Wish me luck.


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  • Well it's over, Friday night has come and gone. It wasn't quite all what I had expected. I definitely did get the shit fucked out of me. I mean literally, I hit fucked in the ass so much I actually pooped on the table I was tied too. Funny thing thow none of the guys seemed to care. My pussy is so sore I've got it packed with ice right now. They get a little ruffer then I had planned, I remember at one point begging them to stop, but no one did. I do have a bit of a black eye, a lot of deep bite marks on my boobs, and neck. I remember at one point someone fist fucking me, that did feel good. I had so much cum all over my body, not just leaking out of my ass and pussy, wet and dried cum on my belly, boobs, face and hair. I even had a few guys that came on my feet, now thats just weird.
    I will post more detail later I really need sleep right now.

  • Hit me up.
    it will be all brothas tho so i hope you like BBC

  • I'm glad you enjoyed your self, and didn't get hurt too much.

  • Well it's all set up my fantasy comes true this coming Friday night. I am so excited.

  • Get ready for a whole lot of dick. hope they are not easy on you. look foward to your update

  • Well hopefully your fantasy stays just that, tied to a picnic table outside getting banged by countless guys does not sound like a dream come true. The key to exploring fantasies when your a woman is to have a man who is willing to help you out. I have lived out numerous ones with the help of my husband including being tied to a coffee table and played with by five guys. I would never want to try and do something like that alone, you could end up on the evening news. He does not have to be your husband just find a friend you can count on and you don't mind him watching you or participating.

  • Thats part of the thrill of all of it, not knowing what could happen to my. I've been punch and slapped around already by a few of the one night stands I've had. It was a real turn on while it was happening, until dealing with the black eyes, busted lips, cracked ribs and sore gut. But I would do it all over again in a heart beat

    Well just found out that my friend Rob, knows a guy that runs a little bootleg bar out of the back of his garage. Rob goes there often and was tell him about my fantasy. Well apparently he told Rob that I could come there and full fill my fantasy. I guess he has roughly 15 to 20 guys how know about his place. He said that he would set up a table in the center of the garage that I can be tied naked too, and throughout the evening & night time any of the guys that want to could have there way with me. He said his only stipulation was that he got yo video the entire thing so he could post it on the web. Of corse I said yes, so it's in the works of being set up. I'm so excited I can't wait. Just think to be tied helpless to a table, and guys of all shapes and sizes just comeing up to and fucking you or doing what ever thay wanted to. I well keep you all updated. .

  • Good luck with your quest, I remember back when BF, now husband, swiped some of his dads viagra one night. We were planning on partying and fucking all night long. I know we fucked for a really long time. I could bearly walk. I remember going back to my apartment taking my shorts and panties off laying on the couch in just a tee shirt holding a bag of ice on my pussy.

  • Go to a club or sports bar. Pick up a guy and tell him to invite his friends and go have at it

  • Tried that, he called me a slut, (which I am), and told me if he wanted to watch a bunch of guys fuck a woman, he would go watch his wife cheat on him. However he was kind if a strange duck anyway.

  • Some years back when I was in collage, I remember seeing a porn video about a porn star who wanted to make it into some book of world records, by being fucked by either 50 or 75 different guys, back to back. If I remember right, after about 20 or so guys th they had to pack her pussy with ice to slow down the swelling. She even had girls sucking and jacking these guys off, get them to the point they were ready to cum. So they had yo do stick there cocks in pump a couple of times, and blow there load. believe she did make to 50 guys. This gave the idea to fuck all the guys at the next frat party I went to. Well that didnt turn out so well, I made it to 5 guys. That 5th guy felt like he was pulling my pussy inside-out everytime he pulled back, no matter how much lube we used.
    So honey if you make it past 7or 8, I want to know how you did it. Good luck sister.

  • My wife and I enjoy a bit of an open relationship and about 6 or 8 months ago, she did enjoy getting fucked multiple times by 3 different guy, but she was not tied down. She said she loved it and I asked her how many the thought she could actually handle. She just laughed and said that 4 might be enough, but MAYBE 5, but that would definitely be the limit.. I wish I could make it happen for her and see how it goes for her..

  • You should check out and put an ad in the swingers and swaping magazines. Or check out gloryhole places and strip clubs.

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