Str8 19yo finds ts love at photo shoot

I was the guy in school that never had a problem getting girls. I was always nice to the girls but I was somewhat of a boy slut. I have a big cock and love to perform oral sex. I believe girls would tell there friends and then the friends would come on to me. I always have had some what of a sex addiction and if the girl was cute I could not say no.

Fast forward to a year out of high school and I find my self at a gentleman's club making out with a hot young dancer. I get up to go to the bathroom with a dick that is hard as a rock. I noticed this guy in his late 20s watching me as I walk by him. He later comes and sits at my table. He tells me he is a model scout, agent, and photographer. After a few minutes of talking he offers to do my portfolio for free if I want to give modeling a try.

A few days later I show up at his studio for my pictures. There are several very hot girls waiting. I was in heaven. He called me in but also called one of the hot girls in at the same time. After some head shots of both of us he (we will call him Bill) told me he wanted some of me in different underwear. He said that was where I would make my money. I found myself getting hard just thinking about people looking at me in nothing but underwear.

By the time I got to the second pair my dick was so hard that the underwear could not contain it. He started asking the girl (we will call her Jane) what she thought about my cock. She said if her cock was that big her boyfriend would have not cheated on her. I did not understand her comment at the time. He then asked her to stand next to me and to put her hand on my abs. She had on a tee shirt that did not hide her nipples on her perky A cup tits and a very short skirt. I can now feel my cocks precum soaking my underwear.

Bill told me I needs to get rid of my hard on. He then ask if I wanted to go to the bathroom and take care of it myself, wanted Jane to help me with it, or wanted him to take handle it. I was so horny I said Jane can help and you can watch it you want.

I had zero idea what was about to happen. Jane kissed me with so much passion I almost came just from the kiss. I had never really loved a girl, although I had slept with nearly 100, but I knew this was it. I was in love after one kiss. She told me she wanted to kiss some more before we went further. I knew right then she was in love too. I was not prepared for the next words. After a few more minutes she told me "I was born a man". I am not sure if I really believed her, if I was so love I did care, or if I just was in shock but I continued to kiss her. She pulled my underwear down and put her hand around my 9.5 thick cock. I then put my hand in her skirt. It was so exciting wondering if I was going to feel a hot wet pussy or a hard dick.

It was a dick and no small one neither. I think my dick got even harder when I felt it. Bill was still in the room but I had forgotten he was there. It was just me and Jane for the next hour an a half. I came three times and she came twice in that time. I fucked her and she gave me the best blow jobs I had ever had.

I left there in love. We dated for three years and Jane is still the love of my life. I lost touch with her after we broke up. She moved to LA after the break up. It has been 24 years and I will never get over her.

If you are the girl in this story and want to get back in touch call my sister her number is the same. I know Atlanta and LA are too far apart to date but I would love to know how you are doing.

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