Having sex with my therapist. He totally controls me even though I tell myself he doesn’t.

I am at his mercy and HATE it

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  • You keep going back for more, I'd say you not only like it, but look forward to it.

  • I'm a therapist who has sex with some of my female patients that need extra help. Some are nearly suicidal, so my coming to their residence to visit is very comforting. The ones I visit are attractive, but for a variety of reasons haven't had sex for a year or longer.

  • I hope he isn't always fucking you in his office? A bed is so much more comfortable for fucking in different positions.

  • I knew of an attractive mid 30's woman that truly had serious out of control sexual activities that she could not control. It ended up with her being on the sexual offenders list. She was in Court ordered sex therapy and the Therapist fucked her. She would masturbate in front of him. I think the Therapist needs therapy. That or smacked around.

  • He's a whore, whom you are WAY over-paying, and you're a whore-hopper.

  • You don't really hate it. It just hurts so good.

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