Who cares

My husband sometimes moans about my lovers, but who cares. He doesn't leave me, in fact I often have sex right there in front of him.
He knew when we married I liked sex more than he. So it's not really a surprise once he couldn't match my sexual requirements, I'd seek other men to give me all the sex I need.
He's older than me by eleven years at forty three years old, and it seems to me these days when I'm taking one of black lovers cocks in my mouth, pussy or ass, my husband is fascinated with how they fuck me.
I've not tried it, or spoken about it yet, but soon I'm going to demand my husband licks my pussy and ass clean after my nights of passion.
He appears to want to be involved, even if his little penis no longer satisfies me. So I guess allowing him to clean up another mans messy cum, is a job he could perform.
We'll see.

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  • Wow, you have poor hubby completely subdued. You must ride him like a race horse. Sooner or later you will be riding his face with you wet and used pussy . I suspect he will be happy to let you sit on his face for clean up duties.

  • Do you want to see your husband perform gay acts for you? Honestly?

  • You said it. Who fucking cares? I sure don't. I would grab you by the hair and then make you suck on my fuck stick. Maybe stick it right in your ass while your hubby watches me. Think he'd like that? I bet you'd love my fat fuck stick deep in all your nasty holes wouldn't you? Nasty fucking whore. Yeah!

  • You'll enjoy it more if you let your husband fuck you first before your pussy gets stretched out by a bigger dick.

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