From that moment onwards

As a young girl I had a threesome with my friend and her boyfriend I’m now 43 and will never forget that experience.
I was about 20 / 21 and only had sex 3 times, my friend and her boyfriend wanted to have sex so asked if they could come to my house to do it this has happened many times.
On this occasion while they were doing it my friend waved her hand at me and said come on, I just shock my head come on she said, I laid down beside them and her boyfriend started touching me, my friend started undressing me and we all started having sex, her boyfriend was on his back and she was riding him, she pulled me up and I sat on his face, he started licking me while I was looking at my friend, she held onto me while she was thrusting then she started kissing me, it was at that point that my mind of thought changed, we both french kissed each other and the overwhelming feeling was to much for me and I cum it wasn’t from being licked it was the kissing and holding her breasts.
My now boyfriend doesn’t know about this threesome he also doesn’t know I watch girls having sex on the internet.
I love having sex with my boyfriend but the girl girl sex has always been in me from that moment onwards.

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  • My husband would flip if he knew this. It took me 2 years to tell him he wasn't the first, and then only because my college reunion was coming up. I told him there were 2 (2 too many profs really-- lol) . Well anyway my soph boyfriend had a roommate that looked like Brad Pitt. It was obvious I liked him too. They had this pole support in the middle of the room. Drinking beer one night with them BF tells me to do a pole dance to music. I'm doing pretty good with it and they're telling me to strip a little. I'm down to bra and panties-- figured that's as far as BF would allow. But he's like "take it off -- all off" . and I'm thinking for Brad Pitt -- sure. Well soon they have sex with me every which way. We do it 20 more times like that. In our circle of friends here no one would ever guess i was such a slut in college. And the conservative way I come off here -- I can see why hubby thought he was the 1st -- not that I ever told him he was. Sex with 2 good looking trusted young guys is just awesome.

  • Did they DP you

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