I love getting cock up my ass. I never feel more fulfilled then when some guy is stocking his big hard cock in me and treating me as the cum hungry cock whore I really am. I wish I could experience being a cum dumpster in a large gang bang. Give me all the cock!

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  • Curious, are you a man or woman? Not judging either way. I had a gf for a few months when my wife and I were separated and she loved anal. Actually our first night together I fucked her ass. She asked me to fuck her ass. She was married too and her husband thought it was gross.

    I want and need to find another hot chick that likes anal!! Maybe your the one.

  • I would love to fuck your ass all night long. U seem to really love it in your ass. I could have some friends come over and have you get on all fours and have them line up taking turns on your ass. I would love to try two cocks in your ass. Let me know what you think.

  • Oh I would love that. Two cocks up my ass at the same time would be heaven!

  • Would you like me to tease your asshole with the head of my cock before easing it all the way in as I reach for your tits as I fuck you?
    Please, say yes.

  • I love fucking ass. I just started fucking my girlfriend ass and she loves it. She was very hesitant at first. But now she tells me to leave it in her ass. I love fucking ass and love when my girlfriend loves it too. I like her to tell me to fuck her ass, that she loves it in her ass. I love dirty talk.

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