Letting go

In the summer of 2019 I was reflecting on my life and frustrated with dating women .I was a 30 yr old single white male and tired of the dinners and dates that led nowhere .It was easy to quit dating for awhile and take stock.

One summer evening I was walking on the beach near the apartment building where I lived .I was wearing shorts and t-shirt and it was quite hot and humid .I kept walking until I reached a secluded section of the beach and sat on a rock looking at the waves in the lake gently lapping the shoreline .I craved a cigarette at that moment and realized I had forgotten my pack at home.

A short time later this middle aged short slim guy approached me and asked me for the time .We started chatting and he said his name was Carlos .He was in his late 50's I thought with an unkempt beard ,longish greasy hair around 5ft 7 and 150 which was about 6 inches shorter and 50 pounds lighter than me .He was very friendly and took out a pack of cigarettes offering me one .We smoked and continued chatting .I realized embarrassingly I had an erection and hoped he would not notice .Soon though I observed his eyes checking out my bulge .He made the comment that it was hot and he felt like skinny dipping .I saw through that comment as an attempt to see me naked and go from there .I was so horny I felt my inhibitions crumble and after he took off his clothes and walked into the water I joined him tossing my clothes aside .His average size cut cock was rock hard matching my slightly bigger erection of my circumsized cock .He looked at me admiringly and I felt a surge of lust given his rapt attention to my body .He beckoned me closer and he embraced my nakedness eagerly as I went near him. His cock and my cock waved together proudly. He looked up at me tenderly and put his arms around my neck as we embraced .He kissed my mouth deeply and wetly as our cocks stiffened together .His kiss turned me on and I kissed him back passionately .As we necked he began masturbating my cock steadily .I was so aroused I soon let go and sprayed my cum into the water .He made sure my balls were fully emptied then guided my hand to his hard cock .I stroked him feeling the desire to make him shoot as well and he obliged within a few minutes as I milked him dry. We were both real quiet after as we lay together on the beach. He lit a cigarette for us which we shared blissfully together .It dawned on me he had given me an intense orgasm and I had enjoyed giving him one just as much. He began talking with me again and I responded warmly as we chatted intimately .He came home with me and spent the night in my bed sucking my cock and swallowing my load before we fell asleep .Carlos has been over to my place many times since then and I have learned how to drain his sexy cock with my mouth to the point where I deepthroat him regularly like he does me .I guess you could say he is my boyfriend now and I am doubting whether I will ever go back to women again.


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  • BS story.

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