Breast feeding

My 40 year old step daughter is breast feeding her 4 month old daughter I'm getting so turned on I want to be sucking on her nipples too.
She getting her step dad all hard thinking about it.

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  • When I was breast feeding my husband asked for a suck at my nipples ime sure he was missing his mother

  • Me too I'd have gladly kept on mothers nipples for many years

  • After our kid was weaned, I kept sucking and feeding on her milk and the stimulation keeps its flowing....but she getting a bit tired of it as she fills up fast and leaks work and she gets embarrassed about it....but it’s driving the men in her office wild and getting other women angry.

  • My wife let me have a brief suck just so I remember what its like I did become aroused

  • If step daughter let me suck I'd end up fucking her

  • My favorite way to fuck is straddling a man while he sucks my tits

  • Are you stroking your little dick while he's fucking you in the ass?

  • That's how I would fuck my step daughter sucking hard as she rides my cock

  • Sometimes, while I’m nursing our baby, my husband will put his cock in me. I know it’s wrong, but it feels really good, I always orgasm.

  • Who says it's wrong?? Alot of women become sexually aroused during breast feeding.

  • My step daughters daughter is 4 months I'd love to put my cock deep inside her while her baby shares her milk with me I'd explode inside her.
    You have one lucky husband

  • It’s not wrong it’s beautiful

  • Exactly

  • I'd ask her to let you taste her milk. Then fondle the breast you aren't suckling on. Then I'd try and get my free hand on her pussy. You might get lucky and end up fucking your step daughter.

  • Her pussy will be tight 2 kids both delivered by cesarean section.
    She looks very much like her mom but mom has bigger tits to suck on.
    Ultimate to have both in the same bed fuck both.

  • Go for it. I love sharing my milk. It might happen for you.

  • She has a hot body slim nice size firm tits lovely ass I'd be in heaven sucking on her nipples sharing her milk

  • I’d love to nurse and get some milk.

  • Wake up dipshit, never gunna happen.

  • Not true, my sister let me suck her nipple and she wasn't in a hurry for me to stop.

  • Sisters are easy

  • ☠☠☠☠☠

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