Afternoon School Bus Ride

I grew up rather naive -- regularly attending church with family and sheltered from the world outside. I took the bus to school each day with the other kids and was one of the last stops on the route.

I remember one day when I was 14 years old .. the bus had its normal shaking and vibrating, and also with the some bumps due to new construction in the area. All this shaking and vibrating led to me having a raging boner in my pants as my bus stop neared. With the bus stopping traffic at the last stop, she noticed I would not get off the bus. I said I couldn't get off the bus so she quickly got up and came to the back to see what the issue was.

Saying she couldn't hold-up traffic on the busy street -- she said she'd drive to an unused parking area behind shops about a mile away until the issue was resolved.

Getting to the isolated are (still over bumpy streets), she parked the bus and came back to sit on the seat across the aisle from me. She asked how I was, and I mentioned it is the same -- too embarrassed to have left the bus.

She took my backpack and set them on another seat and asked me to stand. Doing as I was told, she said that yes -- it is obvious I had a boner and that it was good I didn't "get-off" the bus. Still standing, she placed her hand on my crotch and smiled... she said it may be best that I get-off before I get-off the bus.

She was the mother of one of the girls that go to my school, and she knew I was a shy, naive boy. I think she played on my naiveté as she said we need to take care of this rather quickly. She unzipped my pants and lowered them to the floor of the bus. Standing in my underwear, my rock-hard boner was poking out far.

She stroked my boner over my underwear a few times, which released my head over the band of the underwear. She smiled and gave my head a kiss. This was so much for me, the innocent 14-year old virgin.

She then released my boner by lowering my underwear -- and my boner jumped out. She stroked a bit more and made a few kisses on the head. To my surprise, she took it all in her mouth -- my young cock deep in her mouth. I think she may have deep throated me. It didn't take very long -- I shot my load into her mouth -- she took it all.

When I was done cumming, she smiled and pulled up my underwear and pants .. my school-bus boner issue was resolved. She smiled and drove me back to my stop. As I walked from the stop to my home -- I was very pleased, and hoped someday that I could see her breasts and the rest of her body. I looked forward to taking the bus back and forth from school every day.

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  • Hot. Was this a while ago when people's attitudes toward sex weren't so uptight as they are now? Did you eventually fuck her?

  • As my bus stop was third from last, if she saw me stay on after my stop, she knew that that something was "up" so to speak.

    A few days after the first time when she stroked and sucked me, I stayed on the bus beyond my stop. She'd notice me in the big school-bus mirror and smiled. She made eye contact with me through the mirror -- smiled and winked.

    After the last stop we went to our special parking spot behind the shops. I had a boner again, this time not sure if it was the shaking of the bus, or the anticipation of my Afternoon Special.

    Once parked, she sauntered down the aisle . unbuttoning her top and bra. This was the first I saw of a grown woman's breasts -- they were spectacular. As she got to me, she put her breasts up to my mouth and I sucked each for a few minutes .. my high-school hands around both.

    Her hands again unbuttoned my pants and pulled them off, along with my underwear. She gently pulled my head off her breasts as she again went down and sucked me for a couple minutes.

    She stood so that she could lower her pants over her curvy hips .. and then her panties. She stood there naked, the first I had ever seen. A very pleasant site.

    She then laid on one of the school bus seats with hear head against the wall. She put both her legs on the seat back .. one on the seat she was sitting on, and one leg over the seat in front. He pussy was open to me with her legs high. I gave her pussy a kiss and a few licks, the first I had ever tasted. She grabbed my head, and brought me up to her face-to-face. My cock quickly found her pussy --- I was in quick -- thrusting into her as her hips rocked and welcomed me. Her legs off the seat-backs and around the small of my back. It was glorious as I came inside her.

    I looked forward to missing my bus stop in the future.

  • I am 15 and last august when i was 14,i was the flowergirl in my nieces wedding.She had me wear a little girl style,poofy,sleeveless,midthighlength flowergirl dress and veil with lace anklets and white shoes.To make me even cuter and more little girlish,her and mom had me wear a size 8 pampers diaper with ruffled plastic pants over it under my dress.During the wedding dance,i met a hot 16 year old guy who was dancing with me and seemed really nice.About halfway thru the dance,we snuck off to a classroom to be alone and he started kissing me which i got lost in the moment!Afew minutes later he put his hand under the back of my dress and felt my pampers and ruffled plastic pants and got very aroused!he undid his pants and pulled them down along with his shorts,then he unzipped my flowergirl dress and pulled it off of me and told me i looked like a little girl in my pampers and ruffled plastic pants! He got me to my knees,thrust his dick into my mouth,held my head with both of his hands and thrust his dick back and forth.Several minutes later,he came in my mouth and forced me to swallow his whole load,which made me gag and cough!He made me suck him some more,then i put my dress back on and we went back to the wedding dance.

  • I was the star QB in high school and used to stay after practice was over to go over the playbook. In reality I was having sex with my stud coach, a brawny stocky man with a great chest and legs, quite handsome. He helped me get a D1 scholarship too. I got older and married with kids, and we met up by accident at Home Depot and he was still hot as hell. So we picked up where we left off. He’s 70 now and I’m early 50’s. We have sex least once per week.

  • Do you suck each other off or fuck

  • It started with body massage and play, then we did more and more...I love to have him fuck me and to suck him off and get that hot creamy Italian cum from him. Then we go to the local pizza place and have beer and pizza. He has other lovers and that’s ok. Love to have my wife join in...I think she knows as when I get home and she wants fucked....I go at it harder after we’ve been together.

  • That’s great

  • Yes it was....and is.

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