Would you say this is overboard?

The reason I ask is im 23 and one of my fetishes is sniffing panties, and it all started when my gfs sister turned 14(3-4years ago) I noticed her wearing less clothing and well how can you not help but notice, and I start to see her underwear change from cotton panties to thongs but I'd never see them in her wash pile and it got me thinking I know she was a virgin and she had worn then multiple times as I could tell. So I have my gfs house to my self, day off work, and I go and explore a jackpot heavily stained panties hidden away and god did they smell good I went and huffed them and came harder than ever before. Now I kept this up over the years getting time to explore her room, I'd start doing more like wiping precum on her panties, jerking off with her bras and eventually firing loads at them, her everyday one I had fired over 15 loads at it just rubbed the cum in with my cock, the fake tan stains hid it, I'd get her only pair of heels and cum over them again a lot of loads were on those heels a quick dab of a cloth she never knew, I'd spend a few hours jerking off in her bed naked, I found bars of chocolate in her draw and they met a nice precum covering and any drinks on her side table I'd dip my cock into and balls even came in a fair few, remember she had a glass of orange cordial for her tablets when she got home from school I watched her take her tablets and down her drink with a full load of my cum in it and again seen her bin with empty bottles I'd also cum in, her moisturizer had met a load or two as her foundation and tanning solution, I'd always put things back as they were and I think she has noticed, but even so those original thongs got dirtier and more stained, I like to think she made them stronger for me, just not telling me as she liked idea. What do you think should I chill it?

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  • Dude no worries, I believe you. But also it’s fucked up. You should have stuck with sniffing, the rest is whacked...

  • Maybe, but the power I got from it was incredible like, on her 16th she used the fake tan I'd put a load in in the morning and there was just enough for her so she was covered in my come, her new lippy met my precum and her heels had met a half load too, seeing her like that man it feel crazy powerful 😅

  • I wanna know why theres a "fake" tag when I know I did this, Im confused, i confessed my accurate doings. Wtf! This isn't fake

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