Mutual public spanking

My girlfriend and I were walking on the beach and as usual we stopped and I pulled down her shorts and panties and started spanking her. It was late at night and noone else was around. After a while she pulled down my shorts and was spanking me. We were totally into it. Smacking each other's asses and grinding cock and pussy. Suddenly we noticed two other couples were watching us. They obviously approved because none of them spoke or moved. After a brief pause, we resumed spanking and grinding. I felt myself close to cumming and asked if she wanted to finish right there. But by then the two couples were walking away. I think they had all decided on their plans for the rest of the evening. Besides my girl always had her best cums when I sensually paddled her inner thighs and pussy. So we headed back to my place and had our best sex ever. I hope the two couples did too.

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