I'm mid 40s with a nice set of tits (40DD). Recently I discovered that I really get turned on exposing them to passing truckers.
I was driving on the hwy one day when a truck pulled up next to me and honked. I was wearing a corset and they were very obvious. After he honked I started playing with them and pulled down my top so I could twist my nipples and squeeze them properly. He did everything he could to keep his truck next to my window. This went on for several minutes.
The way my car sits I couldn't see the driver at all. That made it SO much hotter. A complete stranger, who I would never know, getting off watching me play with my tits.
Hands down the hottest thing I've ever done. I still get wet just thinking about it.
Now, when I see trucks I open my shirt and show of my tits if it's possible.
It's my favorite pastime these days!

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  • Thank you from all of us

  • My wife during summer often sits in the passengers seat totally naked on long drives, she waves to truckies and bus drivers and occasionally hangs her tits out the window if they are nice and not gross,

  • Ginger yourself when you do that??

  • No, I focus on driving and my tits.
    But once I get home, I slide a dildo in my ass and vibrator in my pussy. Then fuck myself until I cum. Doesn't take to long.

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