Walked in

I just got done masturbating while watching my wife fuck a guy she works with. Got off work and walked in to see my wife naked and riding her co-workers cock. She was very much enjoying it too. She saw me and got defensive. I started taking off my clothes. She asked what I was doing. I sat down in the chair in the bedroom and said, "I'm gonna jack off while you two fuck."

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  • Should've shoved it in her filthy, cheating asshole and made her bleed.

  • This is one of my favorite fantasy.i use to date this beautiful woman named Meg in hs we were great together but as we grew older it simply didn't work out for various reasons. Fast forward to today we both work at the same place and I finally worked up the courage to talk to her again. (Both seeing other people) we reconnected talked things out and ofcourse we have been meeting after work for some quickies and blowjobs. This girl is hands down the best cock sucker I have ever had n she loves to please me and swallow my thick loads of cum. We have talked about out fantasy's and I have admitted to watching her with others would be incredibly sexy. Well turns out there is a guy from work she's dieing to try out. Eric is a tall muscle man handsome and cocky. But Meg is turned on by that n admits she wants he's cock in every hole she has. I doubt I'll ever get to see her fuck someone but I fully support her if she gets the chance.

  • And then you slipped off your little pud whacker, dropped your phone, and lost the porn video you were watching. It's ok kid, you would have shot your eye out anyway.

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