Respecting Elders

School is out and I've been spending the summer at my parents' house. I've been staying busy by working a little on the side, including rebuilding a deck for a lady a couple of houses down named Christy. She's 64, lives alone, and has been a friend of the family for decades. I'm 20. She's known me forever.

Even at her age, she's still a hottie: short but big tits and a nice round ass. Her face is really pretty too and she's in decent shape for someone her age since she walks daily. Well, I started flirting with her from basically day one. It took her a while to figure it out I think, but she eventually did. She laughed her ass off when she realized I wanted her, saying that I was a perv for being into old ladies and what the hell was wrong with me. I just said I was attracted to her and thought that she was beautiful. She asked if I had a gf, and I lied and said no. She sighed, shook her head, and said "Maybe just once, tomorrow. I'm a little dry these days, so bring a lubricant." She then gave me a little kiss and said I was crazy.

The next day I went over and she led me to the bedroom. She looked so sexy undressing that I started feeling light headed. We spent the next two hours making out and screwing, with a few breaks to recover from having orgasms. I was so turned on by her gorgeous body and skills that I came in her three times. I'll never forget the sight and feeling of her ass as she rode me reverse cowgirl. She was way better than my gf.

I've been going over daily to work on her deck, and have tried to get her back in bed, but so far she's been a bit reluctant. Since that first encounter, she's only let me inside her once more, and that was just a quickie from behind in the kitchen. She says that she's not in the mood or that I need to find someone my own age. The reality is that I just want her. Making love with her is the most powerful emotional experience that I've felt in my entire life.


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  • Just tell her that you really enjoyed fucking her and that you don't want to have a relationship with her. If she knows that it's just straight up pleasure sex with no emotional connection, she should be up for an occasional romp, unless you're just a lame fuck, then you probably will never tap her again.

  • She gets where you're coming from but also realizes that you have a long life ahead of you and it isn't with her. I wouldn't give up totally though because she sounds like she's hot.

  • You are just a fuck toy for her. She has lived life and does NOT need you getting emotional and attached to her.

  • She did a nice thing and probably wanted it too but she doesn't want to be your go-to piece of ass. Just build her deck and put your dick down. It's over.

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