Dressing for my perverts

I’m a damn near fifty years old, and at some point in all my sexual relationships men ask me to dress a certain way for sex. Schoolgirl, that’s pretty perverted but I still do it. I pigtail my hair, put on a blouse that’s to small and tuck it into my short skirt with my thigh high white stockings and Mary Jane shoes. Does that image make your cock hard? Why?

10 months ago

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    • There is nothing quite like black nylons for me. My wife know what I like and what makes my cock hard. She has even told me to buy what I like and she would wear it.
      My favorite is black thigh highs with a black Nine West strappy stiletto heels, plus the stilettos give me something to hang onto when I'm fucking her!

    • For me is the heels that turns me on it makes a women's legs look very long and they give a good sexy posture, and the skirt is fairly sexy to me because they are typically short and if perfectly short they perfectly tease guys buy showing little bits of ur ass, keep in mind the heels make ur ass and legs look nice now added with a short skirt to show off the legs and tease guys buy showing bits of ass now added with a button up school blouse with maybe a couple of the top buttons undone to show cleavage,. Guys will only be salivating from there dick for your body wanting to see more, me personally though the heels is enough for me so I love asking my girlfriend to wear heels when we go out they give her a sexy posture that I can't ever get tired of.

    • It doesn't do much for me the school girl look, but the naughty librarian look is sexy. What look could a guy dress up in that would be a turn on to you?

    • Guys like different things. The schoolgirl thing doesn't do it for me (other than Britney Spears), but I do prefer and will tell a woman to do her nails long and red, the longer the better, and wear crop tops or tied shirts that show off their tanned, tight tummies and navels, and wear their pants or skirt as low as possible. I like when they're all on display.

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