Family love

Because my sister and I spent many happy hours experimenting sexually. Kissing, playing with each others breasts, then moving onto touching one another's pussies and finally tonguing each other's pussies and assholes out, it didn't seem unnatural to me to find myself attracted to my father.
Or should I say his enormous thick cock.
He and mom weren't having sex by then, yet I caught him more than once masturbating his gorgeous penis. So when sis moved out to be with her boyfriend, I set my mind on having my father take her place.
At first it was chancy flashing, then moving onto all out showing him what he could have when mom wasn't around. He held off for some time, so I upped the game and began to leave him my used panties, and that did the trick.
Watching him openly whacking off while sniffing my pussy juice scented panties, I crept up on him and gripped his huge cock.
He could easily have stopped me, yet we both knew he wasn't going to. Bobbing my head down I sucked in my father's cock and the rest they say, is history.
We fucked for hours that first time. It was like having my learning experiences with my sister all over again. Only I had a nine inch fully erect cock to play with. And didn't my daddy know how to fuck his little girl.
No anal that first time, even though I begged him to fuck me there. However it wasn't long with my mom playing golf one afternoon, that he took my anal cherry in the bathroom under the shower.
My sis had tongued my rear hole many times, and fingered me there. But having a man's fully erect hard cock fucking my ass, was an entirely different sexual feeling.
And I loved it. Even more than vaginal sex to a point. I could take every inch of his meaty length, and after a few weeks craved his anal poundings.
It became our thing to try and fuck with my mom in and around the house, and we very nearly got caught a few times.
Each and every day I wished I could have him all to myself and then one crappy Sunday morning, mom wasn't there. She had left to join a religious group. Nothing radical or over the top, but we, my dad and I, suspected the pastor was having sex with her.
It left us to continue our love affair unfazed by any hindrance and we began to sleep together, almost as man and wife. And that is our situation to this day. It's three years down the line and the sex just gets better each passing month.
I'm not going to add in some of the things we now get into sexually, what I will say, is my dad isn't the only person who shares our bed, shower, sofa, outodoors, truck or where ever else we decide to fuck.

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  • There are lots of families who have sexual relationships. I've had sex with two of my younger sisters.

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