But why

My gf gets alot of guys hitting on her she likes to tease them and lead them on just to leave them hanging she does it just for her own amusement I don't like any of it but for some reason I get really turned on when she does that even though I hate the idea of her teasing other guys, some times I imagine her getting fucked by an other guy and her getting creamed on and I just get really fucken turned on even though if that really did happened I'll be torn apart, does any one else feel this way about some one ?

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  • I’m the same way about my fiancée letting another man take her virginity. I used to hate the idea, as a cuck, until it grew on me. Now it’s the only thing I can get off on. In fact, the guy I always imagine her giving her virginity to is a bully/rival that absolutely hate. I can’t get relief, unless I imagine how her virgin cunt will squeeze his huge cock and how he’ll always have her virginity. He’ll always be the first man to put his dick my fiancée’s pussy and be the first she has sex with.

  • I was this way. Just fantasizing about. But it became a reality. I’m not sorry for it happening. But watching her pinned in the tent mattress. Hearing her moan, watching her legs and hips move was so exciting. I wanted her so much more

  • I'll whisper in her ear that you're secretly aroused by thoughts of her cheating.

  • I’m aroused by thoughts about my virgin fiancée cheating on me. I hope you can whisper than in her ear and that you get lucky.

  • She knows she's got options and she likes it. She likes leading them on.

    Sooner or later she'll meet a guy whose hung like an ox. He'll be experienced with girls just like her. He won't play. That'll intrigue her and challenge her.

    She'll up the ante. He'll barely respond ... but he'll feed her just enough line that she'll be determined to get the reaction she wants. She'll become more blatant ... 'don't you want it?' He'll tell her she couldn't handle it -- and rebuff her. She'll take it as an offense to her honor and claim that she CAN take it. He'll tell her that she has no idea what she's asking and to run along home to her boyfriend.

    She won't like that. She'll insist she's not a little girl, that she's grown up and can take anything thrown at her. 'No, you can't' he'll say.

    'Yes, I can!'

    'Oh, I SERIOUSLY doubt that!'

    'Why do you say that?

    'Why -- here's why ...'

    He turns away from the crowd and whips out the monster. She gasps seeing that even flaccid, he's twice your size. Just as fast, he'll put it away. But the damage will be done. 'Let me SEE that...'

    You just did!

    That was only a peek! That's not the same as seeing!

    'What -- you want to gawk at the freak -- take it all in?

    'You're not a freak ... I just want to see it!'

    'That's all?'

    'There's nothing wrong with looking?'

    He produces the monster. She looks. A moment later, she takes it in her hands.

    'GAWD -- it's so HEAVY! Then she feels it stir. 'Look look look look' she says as it begins to lengthen and THICKEN beyond her mortal imagination!

    20 seconds later, she's peeling out of her duds. 'What are you doing' he'll ask!

    I WANT to find out WHAT IT'S LIKE!

    You can pretty much guess the outcome. The question is ... are you hard now?

  • It was honestly to much reading and didn't really sound like her tbh

  • You're a gonner.

    Once she realizes how much her flirtations arouse you...

    Once she recognizes that you have a 'cheating' fantasy...

    It'll be it! She's gonna screw the living crap out of him...

    You can be torn up, or you can deal with your emotions.

    You'll never be more aroused than when this happens.

    Since she's hit on a lot, she's pretty. It's gonna happen.

    This is your destiny. Learn to accept it. Learn to enjoy it.

    Tell her you want her to email me. I'll make this happen.

  • Next time, they won't stop when she says to.......then what? The tease gets whats coming to her. Better tell her to stop it.....

  • I think the Genie is already out of the bottle. She is not going to be able to put this out of her mind.

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