Fingered younger sister

One night I decided to sleep next to my sister. When every one were

asleep, I got up and sat near my sister 1 year younger to me about 8 and

half year old. I first took my sleeping sisters hand and kept it on by

erect small penis. Still she was asleep. Slowly I put my hands into her

small panty and slightly reached to wedge of her small vagina. This

movement made her awake and it took some time for her to acknowledge that

her brother is touching her and that her hand is on his erect penis. She

though kid whispered is that your brother and I said yes. But she did not

take her hand away or did not try to shoo away my hands from her pussy.

Having no idea about sex, we just massaged each other and I fingered and

she just felt my erect penis. After some time I retreated and she too

went to sleep. We continued this for some days. But later due to change

of our rooms and presence other family members, the act stopped and the

night activity was forgotten.

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  • Disgusting

  • Why??

  • Now that you're older maybe you and your sister can go into the woods or behind the shed and really explore each others bodies. Hopefully you end up fucking too.

  • Lots of little kids do this, it's mostly just a natural curiosity at that age. Most kids stop when they reach puberty, and seek out non sibling relationships, but a small percentage continue playing with their siblings, progress to having full on incestuous inbreeding relationships, then they become full blown Liberal Democrat politicians and presidential candidates.

  • Lots of siblings do sexually experiment with each and that can go on to intercourse. I've slept with two of my sisters and we are all happy and have no regrets about it.

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