My gorgeous mom

I'm eighteen now, but I started realizing how hot my mom was about three years ago. My mom at thirty seven, looks at least ten years younger with a very fit body. I've jacked off imagining it was her, especially her tits many times. I'm her only child/son and we are very close, we even get touchy feely with each other at times. Last weekend was a dream come true, I fucked my mom. I couldn't believe how incredible her pussy felt gripping my cock so tightly as we fucked. I'd only had sex three other times, and my mom's pussy was definitely the best!

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  • Parim poos on kui ema ajab jalad laiali ning on poolkükkis siis on väga hea tal putsi lakkuda.

  • My mom has a great body and I'd love to fuck her

  • You should try. Most sons would love sex with their moms

  • Good for you!! There are lots of mother and sons who have sexual relationships including myself and my mother and it's great! It about time that people stop burying their heads in the sand and accept this is normal.

  • There! Finally someone said it!
    Son-Mother attraction is normal! Mother-son attraction is common!
    God bless all mothers and sons. Just give them the space they need to do what they feel is right. . .

  • It happens too often for it not to be normal. I personally think it is also normal for fathers and daughters as well. Consensual sex in the family is natural. There are too many fathers made to feel guilty for finding their daughters sexually attractive! especially when their daughters are developing. We need to change the law because it's not realistic

  • We also need to exempt parents from age of consent laws. the sex would be so hot. who cares if theres no cum yet, screaming orgasms all the same.

  • It was my mom's body that I wanted, but being naughty only made it more incredible. Hearing her moaning makes me fuck her even harder.

  • And so you should! ;)

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