Am I mad?

Chatting to my girlfriends the conversation went to nightmare experience with boyfriends, we all laughed at each other’s stories until mine.
I said an old boyfriend could go on for ages even after he had cum, once I’ve had my orgasm I like to relax and enjoy the moment, he wanted to continue, it was like he was pumping away for the sake of it, just because he could go on and on he thought it was amazing.
My girlfriends said am I mad, they would love to have someone that can go on and on.
I thought the same but when it actually happens it’s a different story.

3 months ago

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    • He probably perfected the cum just a little bit method. I pulled it off a couple times. When I was about to cum I stopped and asked my wife to do the same. Then I would move slowly till one squirt came out, then squeeze with neither of us moving. Stay still for another minute or so. Then fuck like crazy for up to an hour, then have the big cum ending. I heard some guys are a lot better at with out the girl stopping.
      Try and sense when he's about to have his mini cum, then go to town like a $2 Payday Whore.

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