Problem Niece

Thank God I found this forum because I have a problem I can't discuss with anyone.

My wife's sister has two daughter's. The oldest is not even 5, but she is so overtly sexual towards me that I can't believe I'm the only one who notices.

The oldest always wears dresses and at every chance she gets she shows me her underwear and if she has the opportunity opens her legs and pulls them aside. If we are watching TV or a movie she will come sit next to me and spreads her legs and touches herself. She will come to sit on my lap and grind on me as well.

Over the holidays she walked in on me using the bathroom and just stared. Since then she asks to see my privates.


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  • My friends daughter never wears panties but she always wears a skirt My friends wife said no big deal that was when she was about 4 years old By the time she was 6 or 7 she would sit by me on the couch showing me her pussy
    love going over there an seeing that bald pussy

  • My 6 year old niece was grinding her clitoris on my knee, I didn't mind helping her masturbate on me. So I grabbed her hips and guided her back and forth over my knee while pushing my knee up into her clit. She loved it and so did I.

  • I was watching a movie with my niece when she just spread her legs and started playing with herself over her underwear. I got so excited I just reached over and put my hands down her undies and started rubbing her. She was wet and it got me really excited, so I pulled out my cock and started masturbating. I don't even look at her, but I can hear her breathing hard and within a minute I start cumming. I take my hand out of her pants and put some of my cum on my hand and then continue to rub her pussy. It was hot.

  • That's so hot, that I'm cumming just thinking about it. The lovely little girl in her lovely little knickers!!!!!!!!!!

  • Finger bang her next chance you get, im sure she would want you to do it more.

  • Just show her, and tell her to suck it like a lolly pop.

  • Little girls love to spread their legs spread eagle when laying around. Take the opportunity to jerk off then put the head of your cock right up against the virgin pussy and cum inside her . . . yum

  • She's learned this somewhere

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