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When I was about 12, I had a HUGE crush on one of my junior high teachers. I always thought she was incredibly beautiful, kind and fun and, truth be told, when puberty hit, I thought of her very often. I was very drawn to her, physically speaking. I was sure that under the boring teachers' uniform she must have had a beautiful body. She was short, with straight, black hair down to her shoulders, very refined features behind her glasses. I don't think she had big breasts under that boring blouse, but wide, thick hips she did have. I fantasized about her often even long after I had left junior high, and never saw her again...

... Until I was browsing Tinder one day. I'm now in my 30s and between relationships, so I decided to experiment a little bit and broaden my preferences to women of all ages within the app, from 18 to 65. I literally dropped my phone in amazement when I was swiping and I came across a picure of her. More than 20 years later it was as if she had barely aged at all (a few wrinkles and a couple of gray hairs, but that was it). Her name, age and description checked out: her profile said she was 54, still a teacher and recently divorced. She looked gorgeous, and I was dying to swipe right but thought it would be embarrassing, too. I decided to do it and, to my surprise, a couple of hours later we had matched. And she remembered me alright. The conversation was awkward at first, but we warmed up to each other quickly. After catching up and confessing to having a crush on her, it was just like any two adults talking and setting up a date.

I asked her out for dinner and picked her up at her place. She then said she didn't want me to be nervous about me having been her student, so she promised to leave that out and act as if we were just a man and a woman getting to know each other. And with that, our date went pretty well. Too well, in fact. As I walked her to the car, she said that a divorced woman at her age was more willing to take risks and experience a little more. "What do you mean, risks?", I asked. She leaned toward my ear and whispered: "Well, for starters, I've never fucked any of my former students".

We went straight to my place and, truth be told, I didn't expect the experience to be that intense. Plainly put, she's a machine, I had a hard time not cumming in the first three minutes. Best night of sex I've ever had, rough, unprotected sex, dirty talk, loud moans, sweat and cum everywhere. Even anal. I was over the moon for accomplishing a life-long sex fantasy, so much that I was REALLy hooked on her. And so was she. We were looking for a night one stand, perhaps, but we've been dating and fucking like animals for 4 months now.

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  • I dated a hottie that was looking at books on my bookcase. She saw my year book and wondered if her sister was in it. I asked who her sister was, expecting a fellow student. She said ________ _______ a teacher! The hottest teacher in high school. The one all the boys talked about.

    I only ever came that close. The younger sister.

  • Way to go !

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