My gf wants other guys? I wonder

After getting together my gf gave me a blowjob in the bathtube. Later on a call she asked me if i would let or want my gf to taste other boners as well. It is a hot fantazy to me so i said if it makes my gf happy I would not mind. She backed out with saying something like I only say this cause I also want other girls. Right then I said I was just testig her. I dont want other girls at all.
A year passed, we were having fun in bed and she popped a question like do I want her to have more bfs. I playfully spanked her gently and 'shrugged' it off but later when I brought it up that she was acting like she does not remember then when I pressed the matter she was trying to avoid answering.
What do u think? I know it is just a guess if u tell me your opinion but interesting to hear

2 months ago


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    • I think that she wants to have sex with other men. My girlfriend did and I actually set her up with guys the first few times. Now she choses them herself. I always enjoy fucking her after she gets home from her dates usually the next morning.

    • Thank you for your answer. Did your gf give u any signals?

    • If you say something once, maybe twice it can be written off as joking or saying something to spice up the moment. If I understand correctly your gf has said this on a number of occasions over a period of time. If I am correct she wants other dicks. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you it just means she has some thoughts and ideas she cannot share with you for perhaps a couple of reasons. 1) sexual thoughts and ideas are sometimes difficult, very difficult to express due to embarrassment or fear of how their SO will respond 2) I’ve known women who have fantasies of being in their words a “slut”. Do things they wouldn’t normally do with their SO 3) they want variety.

    • Well yes a couple of times. Once she told me she had a dream while asleep that I let another guy have her.
      Anyway thank you for the detailed answer. My girl is a modest lady. But I guess even modest ladies can have that naughty fantasies of being a 'slut' with a guy other than their bfs.

    • Cucks are weak. Give her up permanantly to a real man.

    • Did my reply disappear? mmm let me try again, So you think, she wants guys not jst teasing me

    • So u think she really wants

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