My wife

Well first off I think my wife had an affair last year that lasted several weeks but she denies it.

I was on my way home from work one night when I was T-boned at an intersection and it was serious but not life threatening but my spine was dislocated and I was confined to a wheelchair until My lawyers and his auto service agreed on a operation that would help me and they wanted to fuse my backbone but I didn't want that so when I heard about a laminectomy I agreed to that where they cut the back out of 4 lumbar vertebras so the swelling could go back down.
I was able to walk that day but it was awhile before I could do much and we had heard of a house that was for sale that had been vandalized so we signed papers and My wife Lillian started doing the minor repairs and I would join in when I recovered a little.
Well right off she began to insist that I stay home and let her work and in truth that was probably the best thing but even after I could actually do something she was apposed to it insisting that I could get hurt so I put it off foe another week then I insisted that it was time I could do the light painting and such so she grudgingly agreed to it.
We worked several days and I was getting stronger now so when I started to repair the front porch I needed some 18 amp battery driven drills but my old one was not strong enough so she asked John a neighbor if I could use his and he was on the spot eagerly offering any tool I might need but it wasn't until later that I became suspicious.
When I was first introduced to him he seamed a bit nervous at first and to anxious to help .
I began to put things together in my mind that hell I would never loan my tools out to a complete stranger and he always seamed uncomfortable around me.
I caught her and him talking in the back yard and they were almost whispering and Lillian had on his wrist as they talked.
I confronted her but she denied it so I let it go but by now she knew that I was suspicious and when we walked the dog one day I found a ring of keys by his back garage and we called and left a message but he did not answer so we were walking the dogs the next day and he came by and stopped and said that he had indeed lost his keys to his shop and I said hey give me a lift and I will get them for you and Lillian said no she would go and I could wait until he brought her back and I was even more sure that I was right but I waited and they did not take long so I was sure that she had warned him about me being suspicious .
I am almost positive that he and her have gotten it on several times at least but now I still think about it but I find that although I get very jealous thinking of her and him together it is also very stimulating .
I wish I had the nerve to confront her again and maybe get her to admit it but I love her very much and if she is guilty then I cant blame her during that time I was unabke to preform so what the hell we do love each other.

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  • I admit it. I fucked your fat,ugly, old, loose pussy wife. It was because I could and I regret it every second because of all of the STDs she gave me. You can have her I tell you, even my dog didn't want anything to do with that smelly ass pussy.

  • Fuck off stupid.

  • My wife had an affair ... it was the best thing for our sex life. She will come home from fucking her boss and we will fuck for hours. I don't mention the sloppy cum filled pussy - she does not mention it - we just enjoy.

  • You have a very loving wife to bring home an alpha male's seed for you. How old is the boss and how old is your wife? You think they do it on his office desk? Or maybe in his car with it rocking up and down in the dimly lit parking garage?

  • My wife was a doctor's assistant for years, and she would fuck one of the doc's after the clinic closed in his office. She would always come home super horny after being with him.

  • I would love to fuck my girl boss -- go down on her -- service her in every way.
    When she was just a coworker I never gave her a second look.

  • Let her fling run its course. There will be an end date, every fling has one.
    My hot wife had fling in her 50's. She's a nympho -- she's cute works out, big tits and younger want to fuck her. She flips homes, makes a good buck and fucks her lawyer, gets some nice benefits. I make believe I don't know and have a side fuck myself. You should have one too. I could have married my cute, chubby old GF -- I only nailed her once a week as payback for the daily blowjobs.

  • Yeah it seems more and more women cheat these days. If anyone has any doubt about how faithful a woman is, they should ask them if they’d like to do a mutual masturbation session with you. If a woman is willing to take her clothes off and get off with the neighbor, then certainly they should care enough about your needs and satisfaction. If we’re not aware of what our partners like and yet their out doing it with someone else, then we’ve missed the boat at least sexually. Communicate and get off together or find a more compatible partner, they are!

  • Yes I am still sure that she has used him for a lover but lately John and I have developed a friendship and so far I believe he has kept his distance from her and he still acts a little nervous at times we still get along alright .
    Not real close friends but we stop and say hi if we meet .
    I still wonder at times when I see her talking to guys and laughing but it is exciting in a way now that I know she is capable of doing it behind my back.

  • It's all good if you let it be , my wife has also cheated . I simply start paying more attention to her and telling her that I love her. She doesn't know that I know , but stopped seeing the guy both times. Just be the man she needs.

  • Threaten divorce and start the process. If she agrees easily you have your answer. If not lie and tell her if she comes clean and admits the affair then you will stop the divorce. One way of getting the truth if you can. You can also make the other guy come clean as well. Tell him your wife admitted to the affair and he better stay away or you will kill him. His reaction would tell you again if the affair was real or not.

  • I suspected my former wife was fucking her boss behind my back. Unfortunately, I never could prove it, but oddly, they were both involved in seperate, tragic, fatal accidents, around the same time frame. Good thing I had a $500,000 accidental life insurance policy on her, it helped smooth over my transition into single life again. I have no desire to be married again, young pussy flows like water around my house, and life is good.

  • It's seems very common for wives to stray nowadays. It's easy for them too. Under any circumstances where a husband or partner is not around much they will seek comfort or sex from another. If she was going through a lot of stress she clearly couldn't help it and sex is a great stress reliever.
    I also suspected my wife of an affair. It took quite a while to get the proof though.I was a workaholic and almost totally stopped making time for her.As for sex I had gotten even worse at it.If I didn't get out of it,I was in and out of her in under 10 minutes.When I said thank you and climbed off her I could hear in her voice when she replied that she was always left sexually frustrated.
    As for her affair I found out through a friend. It was quite a coincidence really.My wife regularly went to a spa club where she used most of the facilities including the gym.It wasn't in our town so she thought she was safe as no one knew her or would recognise her.But a random visit by my friend who was passing through,he saw her one evening being quite friendly with a guy there.He saw her smile and the guy stroked her face and she didn't protest. They hugged and then she left her car there and got into his and drove off in the direction of the next town.

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