Found my gramps fucking a dude I know on Boxing day. Nan was staying over at our house, so I decided to visit my gramps.

He and my dad are not seeing eye to eye, so not wanting to leave him out, I went round.

When he saw me watching him fuck the young guy, he smiled up at me and said "Now you know".

It turns out Nan had known for years he was bisexual and had i've since found out, been involved a few times when they were younger.

I had a choice. Walk out and have the same opinion my dad did. Or do as I did.

Gramps asked the young guy to leave once he saw me strip off. But I asked if he could stay.

Throughout boxing day morning I was taught just how wonderful gay sex can be. With gramps fucking us both, then watching our guest fuck me.

It wasn't my first gay encounter, but it was my most special time being fucked, so far.

Nan had a look of recognition on her face when I got home, but said nothing. I guess I should have known she knew I was gay.

It doesn't matter now, as she's fully aware her husband is fucking me. Emerging from their guest bedroom naked two days later, with my asshole dripping cum sought of gave it away.

That and the fact she'd spoken to the young man, the one she'd arranged for my gramps as a kind of present.

He and I have met up twice since too. He's totally versatile, where I'm a definite bottom. He likes to fuck outdoors. A new enjoyment for me and one I could really get into.

As for gramps and I, let's just say his tasty cum has become very familiar to me.

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  • Not sure, but I suspect that your grandpa might be gay.

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