Wife wants kids

When my tests came back showing me not fertile, my wife and I were devastated. They gave me a 5% chance, which explained 4 years of trying and nothing.
While we were OK financially, we were nowhere near enough well off to go to a clinic to use the artificial means, anyone that has done that knows, the costs are enormous.
There was quite a period in there where we drifted further and further apart, I love my wife but she was despondent at the idea of never having children.
We have this friend, he is married to a lovely lady, they have three kids and one on the way.
We happened to mention our problem to them one evening, his wife suggested we "borrow" her husband, we all laughed.
That night in bed, my wife was suddenly affectionate, things had not been for quite some time.
Then the bombshell, she asked me if I could deal with it if she let our friend impregnate her?
It seems she had already discussed it with his wife and she was OK with it, we just had to agree on financial concerns, and no one ever need to know of course.
It was tough to have to sit out in the living room while our friend tried to make a baby with my wife. Then her obviously enjoying it shook me also, but I managed to hide that. It took three months, twice each month, and sure enough, pregnant.
Our daughter was almost six, and she took after.. me? So, I did the DNA thing, and sure enough, she IS mine???
Now I have to deal with it, my best friend has carnal knowledge of my wife, they did it at least a dozen times, maybe more since I was suspicious a few times I didn't know about.
So, I am stuck unsure of what to do, suspicious of my wife since she spends a LOT of time with his wife, or that is what she tells me.
I suspect she is having an affair, and last week she told me she is pregnant again, and this time she says it's mine!
So far I have not told her that our daughter IS mine, this one I suspect is not.

2 months ago

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