I Finally Did Her

The Old Gal next door had been driving me crazy all summer. She is 81 years old, not a bad body for her age, still has decently shaped legs, big ass but not fat, huge, really huge tits, but the downfall is that she's ugly. She spends a lot of time in her gardens and this is what drives me wild. She wears loose button-front blouses which cannot conceal her massive jugs, and they have provided me with me views of her marvellous melons. And the skirts she wears are always wrap-around and often fall off of her while she's working. Our houses are set well back from the road on the edge of a small town and I have spent hours looking through the fence to see her melons and I've even got a few good looks at her big ass. I think she is Russian because she has a very heavy accent that sounds Russian. For a 15 year old guy with 28cm of thick, curved cock she is beautiful.

One day in August she was having trouble getting a rock out of a flower bed so I offered to help, of course hoping for a closer look at her juggs and maybe even her ass. As I rolled the rock back and forth as she shovelled dirt under it I got plenty of looks at her awesome chest and my cock was throbbing and trying to get out of my pants. Once the rock was out of the flower bed I stood up straight and she looked at my bulge and said in that heavy accent, "looksh like young man have young man troublsh" I told her I couldn't help it when I saw what was in her blouse. She laughed, took me by the hand and led me to her small garden-shed where she unbuttoned her blouse, untied the strings that held the home-made bra closed and out dropped the two most massive melons I'd seen in my short life. I couldn't take my eyes off of them, they were the most beautiful things I'd ever seen and she asked "You like?" When I nodded my head she told me go ahead and touch them and when I put my hands on them I thought my cock was going to rip my pants open. I ran my hands over their immense size totally enthralled by their beauty when she pulled my pants down and took hold of my cock. "You vant to bonk Shtella?" I mumbled yes, and she turned around and lifted her skirt and bent over pointing at her pussy. Without a second thought I guided my cock head to her thick bush and started to push, but I couldn't find the opening to her cunt. She spit into her hand and rubbed it in the hair and said, "Okay, now you bonk me." She was still quite dry and getting into her old hole wasn't easy, until she started to wiggle her ass around, it was then that I noticed that her ass did not at all reflect her age, if was firm and round and looked real good. I took hold of her hips as my cock disappeared into her and as she was slowly getting wetter and I started pumping her. I couldn't believe it, I was fucking an 81 year old woman and it was her idea! I was so excited that after only a dozen or so thrusts into her I blew my load, but, kept right on fucking her.

She remained bent over for a few minutes seemingly unresponsive to my cock thrusting in and out of her then she stood up, pulling herself off my cock then she turned to me and said "here, Shtella take car of this for you". She then knelt down and took my cock into her toothless mouth and started to suck and gobble on it like she was trying to draw the juice out of it. She was so ugly that I couldn't look at her and after a few more minutes she did suck the semen right out of my groin and swallowed every drop.

"You feel better now?" I nodded while I reached for those melons again, but she put them away saying "We move rock first, then you bonk me with sausage again. Yah?" I nodded and followed her back to the rock. All I did was move it about five meters away then she said come with me.

In the living room she exposed her magnificent mammaries again, laid on the floor on her back and asked "This good, or this?" she then got on her hands and knees. On the coffee table was some Jergen's lotion, which I spread over my again-stiff cock and aimed for the little hole between her big ass cheeks. "Can I bonk you here?" She answered "vherever you wish" Her asshole was tighter than her cunt and even though I hastily forced it into her, she didn't even seem to flinch and soon I was driving in and out of her big ass. After a couple minutes she looked over her shoulder and told me I had to take care of myself because she wasn't sucking on it now that was in her ass. It was an awesome fuck and I managed to cum in her twice before my dick went limp.

After some tea and cookies during which she left her tits in the open she told me, in that heavy accent, "next time you vant to bonk Shtella come on over."

I'm going to fuck that old Rusky a lot, ugly or not, her tits are fabulous and she takes it in all three holes.

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  • Nothing beats fucking a willing older woman when you are young. She will teach you some valuable lessons in pleasing women. Plus it’s free easy sex. Fuck the shit out of all of her holes and fill her up regularly until you find a girlfriend. Never dump her. She would be faithful and she will be right there waiting for you whenever you need to get laid and girls your age are no show. You will never forget the experience for as long as you live. Enjoy not.

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