Mother In Law & my morning wood

I have seen my mother in law staring at my crotch many times and this morning I walked down stairs from a deep sleep. I felt my morning erection poking through my pajama shorts, but made no attempt to adjust it as I walked down stairs. Still a little sleepy, I see my mother in law sitting up already in her pajamas . She still cannot see my lower half, but I greet her with a “good morning, how did you sleep”. When I turn the corner down the stairs, she has a full view of my head tenting my shorts. I feel blood rushing to my groin, especially after I catch her taking an extra long glance, but just make my way to the kitchen and continue talking to her. She’s extra nice, but just continues the morning smiling at me and chatting away. She’s in her late sixties, and it was pretty sexy and flirtatious.

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