Nothing naughty, just letting thoughts out.

I awoke to the sound of her moving around the bedroom. The hour was early and her suitcase was obviously fully packed since she needed both hands to carry it. Getting up I heard her long time friend come in; pushing past me she said in a haughty tone "you're in my way". I looked in the front room to see two more pieces of her (our) luggage. The pace hastened as it's apparent she wants to leave and leave now. Grabbing a pair of shoes and a pair of pants I followed them from our townhouse to the community's entrance but both girls had a head start.
She didn't look back. All I could do was look down.

It still seems like a dream but reality can play tricks with your mind like that.

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  • The best way to get over one is to get another one under you...or, on top of you...or, beside you...or, on her knees, in front of you !

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