Boyfriend loved when i sucked off roommate

My boyfriend and I went swimming over a friends house . We arrived and went outback, hung out a little , then our friend Paul says lets get in the pool . We swam for a bit, then getting out ,I noticed he had big one in his tight trunks, not hard at the time , just a big package . I said to my bf Steve, omg he has a big one eh ? . he says I guess, Hey Paul, Tammy says you got a big one .
I blushed and turned red. Show her dude , with that he slid down his trunks just a little to reveal his stuff . He was packed good , about 6 limp ,thicker, cut, totally shaven. I said hmm , nice one there Paul. My boyfriend Steve says you would love to suck a big one like that wouldnt you ? in my ear . I just nervously smiled back at him . Steve got up and went over to Paul, they chatted and Steve went into the house. I was standing on the end of the deck with Paul,he lit one up,Steve said he was running out for beer,be right back. We finished the J, and Paul said ,here, let me show you ,and stepped out of his trunks, standing there naked, he said, here I am.
I looked at his hardening cock and touched it,started to stroke it,it was nice,hard. He said hurry , get a good look before Steve gets back.
I kneeled down and licked and sucked that beautiful cock .
I jerked it as I sucked it,played with his balls, and I knew he was close and sucked him until he came in my mouth,he came buckets,it was hard to keep swallowing it all . Them Steve came out as I was finishing and said ok, im back,Paul and Steve high 5'd each other . They set it up ..

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  • As long as you enjoyed it just do both of them get all you need

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