I turned my wife into a panty theif.

Just as the title says. I have a very strong panty fetish that involves me stealing them from just about anywhere and anyone I could. I mentioned to my wife during sex one night a dream I had that she had stolen a pair of a friend of hers. Now less than a week later she presents me with a pair of a friends stolen panties.

4 months ago

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    • My ex turned me out. I loved it

    • My wife tells me at our club most young ladies go from the shower to the steam room and back a couple times naked. College age girls think it's cool to stand around the hallway in their birthday suit making small talk. I'll see a hot blond and ask her to find out if the carpet matches the drapes. She's only too eager to find out.

    • When your "wife" comes back with a black eye! You both will find out that she was not interested in telling that answer!

      I quote your wife because we know you don't have one!

    • That is so hot. My wife swiped a pair from a girl at her gym for me. It ended up and got both of us so horny , we put the crotch between our lips and kissed passionately. Her pussy was as wet as I could ever imagine.

      Are we crazy with our panty fetish ?

    • No no pantys pantys and more pantys buy them for each other

    • Yes! You are crazy! It's called theft of laundry in most states and it is a sex crime. So is it worth getting arrested for it and going through the legal system. Since it is a sex crime if convicted a person is a registered sexual predator and has to register every place they move too. Is it worth all that? No

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