Extremely Feminine Crossdressing

I absolutely LOVE to wear girl's clothing! Especially anything that's bright pink! I can't get enough of the super girly stuff either. I'm talking like the bright and girly dresses that a girly 6 year old would wear. I wish they made some of that stuff in adult sizes! Kids get all of the best clothes.

I have my own secret stash of pink dresses, costumes, swimsuits, cheerleading uniforms, you name it! The girliest things I can find that are in adult sizes! I just recently bought this adorable Pinkie Pie dress costume from AliExpress, and I am so excited to just wear it! I don't even care about the show at all, I just saw the dress and I instantly had to buy it because of how cute and girly it looked! The thought of wearing something so intensely feminine just makes my dick so hard! I also found a nice hyper blossom dress from Miccostumes that I love to wear constantly! A few Princess Peach dresses, a pink swimsuit dress, a pink cheerleading uniform from GlitterStarz, the list goes on! There's tons of other amazing clothes in my stash, but that's the kind of super girly style that I'm extremely into! My favorite type of clothing has to be those short sleeve skater dresses! I just absolutely love the short sleeves, especially when they're nice and poofy!

I love wearing these clothes to bed basically every night, and of course I masturbate in them too! That girly feeling I get from wearing them just really turns me on! I'm actually wearing a pink shirt, pink pleated skirt, and a pink choker necklace with a heart lock in front as I type this with one hand, and jerk off with the other! I love it so much!

I wish I could just make this my whole wardrobe, but I could never have the confidence to wear anything out in public! For now, I stay as a closeted crossdresser, and I'll enjoy all of the pink and girly clothing in private

17 days

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