Alone with my neighbors bra

I own a duplex home. I live on one half of the house and I rent out the other half to a tenant. I’m a 45 yo middle aged average guy. My tenant is 27 yo woman, long blonde hair, tight body and a killer smile. She asked me to make some minor repairs one weekend while she was out of town. So I went over, fixed what needed fixed, and found myself in the laundry room checking the dryer. That’s when I noticed her bra in the hamper. She’s a gorgeous woman with smaller boobs but I reached down and touched it. Because she’s smaller her bra was really padded. The more I touched it the more I liked it. Then wanted to know what my dick would feel like on her bra so I took my dick out and started rubbing the head of my dick on one of the cups. My dick got hard fast. Just knowing her hot tits had been there made me ache. I put my balls in one of the cups, it felt so good. Then I put my cock between the cups, held them around my cock and stroked. I came all over the floor. I wonder if she’ll notice the precum I rubbed all over her bra. Mmmmm.

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  • I did a similar thing with A female friend of mine. We used to hang out in her bed room. She always had clothes lying around. One time she had a bra laying on top of other clothes. When I was leaving I pretended to forget something in her room. Went back grabbed the bra and stuffed it in my pants. I use that bra so much to jerk off and cum with. She too had smaller breasts. Loved sniffing it and smelling her scent on it.

    Also stole a pair of panties from my friends sister's room. They were clean but you can tell she wore them alot. They were faded from washing. Loved to smell and lick the crotch knowing her sweet pussy was in them many times before.

  • Try sniffing her dirty panties next!

  • Why don't you try wearing ladies feels absolutely incredable. I wear everything a lady wears 24/7, including a nice silky soft cup bra.

  • I agree! I love to put on bra and panties and have a good stroke session. Also fun to just wear it around the house. My first time wearing was when I was 15 and I raided moms dresser. Been doing it ever since!

  • I totaly agree ...! I love to hack off to a girl's bra and panties..but for me though it's mostly "pantie"s they have been were I want to be. ( that sweet little pussy eat out and screw ) ... and have a good stroke session. .

    I took a pair of my younger cousin's panties that I found lying on the floor.... .I still remember them, they were green ....I Loved to smell and lick the crotch knowing her sweet pussy was in them many times before.

    I remember sneaking them in the bathroom putting them on ..but as they were so restricted against my hard cock.I plunged my cock through the mateial making a small slit so I could put my dick through and have a wonderful masterbating time.

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