Sexual drift

My husband worked away quite a bit after our daughter began to go to pre school nursery. I got incredibly bored and unbelievably horny during that time. I'd masturbate a lot, but was careful not to open the blinds as our home faced an industrial estate.
The one afternoon with it raining I figured there'd be no one looking in, so I striped off, got my dildo out and began to masturbate. I was so into what I was doing after about ten minutes, that when I looked up I hadn't even noticed the two workmen looking at me from building across the way.
They had a clear view of me sliding the dildo in and out of my pussy and arsehole. And I couldn't get up to close the blinds as they'd get an even closer view of my naked body. It didn't matter, because as I moved to try and sneak to the side, the dildo rammed hard up my arseand it made me climax like crazy.
Eventually moving out of the way, I was so embarrassed, yet also truned on knowing I'd given two guys a real show.
The next day as I was walking back from putting our daughter in the pre school nursery, one of the men made a comment as I walked past. He said something about his cock being larger than the dildo I used the day before.
Feeling annoyed, but also daring I responded "Prove it" without thinking.
"Lunch time, I'll knock", was his very quick reply.
Ten minutes after twelve there was a knock at the door. I was going to ignore it, but I figured the neighbours might see him and wonder why I wasn't answering the door. I also didn't want him to be noticed, so I opened the door and asked him to step inside.
I genuinely was going to tell him that I wasn't interested, although he was a handsome older man. But before I had chance to say anything, he flopped his very large limp cock out.
Even limp it looked larger than the six inch dildo, and certainly larger than my husbands cock when erect.
Stroking it in front of me, I got the urge to grip his meaty cock and reached out.
Our clothing was left in the hallway where we'd stripped off, kissing and groping for one another's sex. There was nothing subtle about what we did. It was very of the moment and very rough. I lead him upstairs where he threw me onto my marital bed. Spreading my legs I looked down to see the biggest erection I'd ever seen, just as he dove forwards almost, burying his face into my pussy.
He stayed licking and tonguing me out for an absolute age. I orgasmed at least four times as his finger worked my pussy hole and also into my arsehole.
Shaking from another orgasm, he moved up, put his cock head to my mouth and told me to suck him good.
I spent just as long licking, gently biting and sucking on his entire cock shaft and bulbous purple cock head. Just when I thought he was going to cum in my mouth. He stopped me and asked if I had any condoms.
I didn't.
He lifted my legs right over my head, stuck his tongue up my bum hole and slid a finger in there too. With my rear hole very wet and my need to be fucked so strong, I practically begged him to fuck my arse.
Keeping as I was, he rose up, put his gorgeous cock to my hole and pressed in. It took a few seconds for my arsehole to give, but when it did, he showed me and it no mercy.
I loved it, even though it hurt occasionally. He dominated my arsehole and fucked like a man on a mission. I was the sassy sexual good looking younger woman across the street from where he worked. He was a rugged but handsome looking builder who was cheeky enough to follow up on what he'd said. And was I glad he did.
I came multiple times with his pounding my arsehole, and when he said he was cumming, I told him to cum up my bum.
From my position I could see his face clearly and loved watching him cum as spurt after spurt flew into my bowels from his cock.
And he wasn't finished. Again keeping my legs almost over my head, he buried his face back into my arsehole, lapping away at the cum soaked hole.
Eventually he rose up, but not before he'd made me climax hard again. Then laying on top of me, he kissed me and I could taste his semen on his lips and tongue.
Knowing I should, I lowered myself and took his softening penis into my mouth and sucked it clean of his and my juices. He lay still yet moaned a lot then, every now and then holding my head as he shuddered.
I made him coffee as he sat at the kitchen table, his lunch hour ended fifteen minutes before. I asked him if he'd get in trouble, to which he answered "Not when you're the boss you don't".
That boss visited our home throughout the whole of that year, and into the next. We moved in the February and had some building work done. It was a builder recommended to us by a friend of mine, who did the work. And also did me every day he was there.
It was a five week project which I managed to have him extend to two months. Two months in which I realised I'd probably never be faithful to my husband again.
Even though our builder and I ended our affair after my husband found out (Another confession), I still to this day enjoy sex with other men. I'm not a slut, just a lonely sexually needy woman who's husband now understands he can't keep to himself.


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  • A true sexual warrior.

  • I love a naughty slut

  • I married my wife knowing that she was a total slut. She would do anything in bed to please me. I think I am a very lucky man because she still does those things after 14 years of marriage. I know that she does other men now and then but believe me there are not too many wives that do the things she does with me. I bet I would be the envy of 90% of the married men out there if they only knew.

  • I've fucked your slut wife a few times and she moans like a whore. She told me my cock is bigger than yours in case she doesn't feel as tight as she did.

  • A dude wrote this fantasy for sure. Lol

  • Look even though this is a load of shit, I will go along with it, your a fucking cheating slut your husband should have your cunt pierced so he can put a padlock through it plus put you in a chastity cage so you can't get it up the bum

  • You are still kind of a slut and probably shouldn't be married to your poor husband.

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