I love the attention

I have always been someone who loves attention. Luckily I have always been desired by men and boys because of my large boob's. I learned at a crazy early age that boy's and men were only so happy to touch them. I was touched and groped all the time. I have lots of expieriences from when I was just a little kid all the way up to my husband's birthday on 11/10/19 . I sit around thinking about all the things I have done and all the things I have let happen. I have litteraly no one to talk to , I'm sure you can understand that. I tried other chat site's and confession sites , but it's all ways the same thing. Send me naked pics , show me your tits. I just want someone to chat with.

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  • Prinzeugen@protonmail.ch i'll chat with you

  • I know most guys like large breasts but I have relatively small breasts and I'm rather petite looking in a boyish kind of way. I've never had any problems with hooking up with boy's when I was younger or men now that I'm of age. Girls just want to have a little fun as much as the boys!

  • I would love to hear your stories drangonriderwill @protonmail.com

  • I know how you feel I also have no one to really talk to. It doesn't have to be about sex but that topic is high on my list. My wife never talks about anything important,its always about work or the kids or some stupid neighbor who i could give a shit about. Love talking about my experiences and people I have known. If you want to just talk, I'm at emd1500@yahoo.com Hope to hear from you.

  • I sent you a message too , know one has responded to my email yet

  • What exactly do you want to chat about?

  • Life and my experiences and someone who I can talk to you about things private

  • Funfun99@outlook.com

  • I love to chat especially erotic, very respectful shoot me a note

  • I sent you a message too

  • I would be glad to chat with you. arlundfletcher6@gmail.com can't wait to hear from you

  • I have sent you a message

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